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The solution for reporters, camera crews and professional routers

ASCEND is known for secure and reliable IT solutions for site networking. Especially for broadcasters and users of high-end router solutions, ASCEND now offers the router SIM card, including 50 GB monthly credit.

Our router SIM card offers enough bandwidth, whether broadcasting events or streaming video directly from a camera.

The multi-network compatible SIM card may be used for site networking and hotspots. It is suitable for IoT applications or even as a backup failover solution.

The Mobile Broadcasting SIM

One of the biggest challenges in the broadcast industry is establishing a high-speed internet connection wherever you are. The availability of mobile data connectivity is one of the most important aspects when you need to be able to stream video and/or audio anywhere, anytime. Our ASCEND Router SIM is the optimal companion for mobile broadcasting applications.

One price incl. 50 GB

We offer our SIM cards with the utmost fairness and transparency. Therefore our price is simple and clear: Only 75.00 EUR / month (per SIM card – a one-time setup fee applies) with 50 GB volume in the EU area (incl. Switzerland and the UK). If the inclusive data volume reaches depletion, the data volume is not cut off or throttled; there is a subsequent charge.

Just SIM card in

It’s frustrating to constantly troubleshoot problems with your equipment when you enter a new region. For this reason, we have made sure that the ASCEND Router SIM works well with all industry-standard systems. However, we will also be happy to attend to you personally. Each card is pre-configured for several network operators, and you only need to insert it into the respective device. If necessary, APN must be individually adapted, and you can start with the mobile transmission.

Multi Network Solution

Establishing a high-speed internet connection, wherever you are, is one of the biggest challenges in the broadcasting and radio industry and mobile site networking. The availability of mobile data connection is a most vital aspect when you have to transfer data, video and/or audio anywhere, anytime. With the ASCEND Router SIM, you get a fail-safe data solution for maximum flexibility and mobility in multi-provider mode. No matter where in the world you work, the right network is at your disposal.

The worldwide connection – One SIM for over 180 countries

With the ASCEND Router SIM, you can connect to over 800 networks in over 180 countries (approx. as they can vary) around the world and gain access to 3G/4G/5G data connections (subject to local availability); everything from a single source, that is from a single SIM card.

You no longer have to replace the SIM per country and no longer have to worry about the problems of different SIM providers and invoices. You can concentrate on the essentials.

No more data limits and free network choice

Take the ASCEND Router SIM with you worldwide and stream live or connect to the Internet without having to replace SIM cards or constantly reconfigure your hardware.

Multiple networks are available in each country (usually between 2-4) to minimize dead spots and ensure you always have a backup connection in the event of a network outage.

There are no data restrictions or minimum obligations. We pool (share) all our data so that you can use one or more SIM cards for different devices.

Up to top speed

Our ASCEND router SIM cards are unlocked for 5G use. In many networks, 5G data connections can be established automatically (network availability and 5G capability of your router or device required). Benefit from a large selection of network providers at home and abroad, with which we guarantee the highest level of transmission security. Of course, with our SIM card you can also decide which wireless standard you want to use.

Subject to availability:

  • 2G (GPRS)
  • 3G (UMTS)
  • 4G (LTE)
  • 5G

Suitable 5G routers can be found here.

One SIM – Many security options

With a fixed static IP address*, you can access the SIM card if necessary under your specific IP address. It gives you guaranteed visibility and control over your devices and complete end-to-end security and encryption (*available on request).

On request, we can also provide SD-WAN, VPN tunnels, private APNs and static/dynamic IP addresses, making your ASCEND Router SIM card even more secure with additional features.

ACEND offers secure Managed Services

One SIM card – Countless areas of application

Boost for your motivation

As an IoT SIM card
for M2M or IoT applications &
eg. for construction sites

Connect and network IoT devices and M2M (machine to machine) communication anytime, anywhere. With our IoT & M2M SIM card you can connect your applications with all common technical standards. Our Managed Services also provide the best in terms of security and connectivity. Just contact us.

Networked everywhere with ASCEND WLAN & Router solutions

As Global SIM
for fail-safe
DIGITAL NOMADS data connections worldwide.

Travel and work worldwide with just one SIM card. This becomes a reality with our ASCEND SIM cards. Our cards can be used as Global SIM or Travel SIM in over 800 countries and many countries even at the top speed in 5G. Just contact us.

As a SIM card for GPS trackers
and data connections
for vehicle fleets
and public transport

For public safety and transportation applications, it is important that emergency vehicles, means of transport of all kinds, emergency services and entire mobile locations are networked in a fail-safe manner. The GPS tracker must also always work flawlessly in your vehicle fleets. Whether a lot or little data volume is required, let’s talk.

Compatible with many applications & routers

Our ASCEND router SIM card and the associated data packets are tailored to the individual requirements of the broadcasting industry and the requirements for site networking. Our products are based on our extensive experience. Connect countless applications and devices with your new router SIM from ASCEND. Here are some examples of your options.

*Logos and trademarks are for illustrative purposes only. The rights of the respective trademarks lie with the respective companies. If you would like to be included in this list, please contact us using the form below!

Order the ASCEND Router SIM now and improve your connectivity and mobility.

If you have any questions about the areas of application or conditions, please contact us NOW.

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