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The Challenge

The data transfer requirements for event streaming are high. On an official occasion such as the General Assembly of the GEMA, in addition to the large number of participants and spectators, legal conditions are added, which must be adhered to. ASCEND, together with LanWorX, provided three floors of the GEMA headquarters with multiple redundant Internet access for the event and provided uninterrupted transmission.

“For legal reasons, nothing was allowed to jitter during the broadcast of the general meeting for the 80,000 members and up to 1,000 parallel spectators,” said Johannes Fickeis, Managing Director of ASCEND GmbH, explaining the particularly high demands placed on the SD-WAN system provided.

The Solution

To do this, the stream was sent to an external server and distributed from there. For this purpose, ASCEND provided two Peplink Balance 710 routers with two switches as a high-availability network. The network has been connected to several Internet accesses:

  • 6 LTE accesses from three different providers
  • Wired Internet access

As soon as a line became bad, i.e. unsuitable for the transmission of image and sound signals, it was automatically and without interruption excluded from the transmission. If it was suitable again, it was automatically and without interruption reintegrated into the transmission.

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