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1 Install the Jitsi Meet app on your device. You can find the download links here:

Jitsi Meet download page for all operating systems.

2 Open Jitsi Meet.

3 Open the hamburger menu (at the top left).

4 Open Settings.

5 Please enter the following server URL:
If you wish, you can also enter your display name here (first field, at the top). This will be displayed to your participants during the conference.

6 Tap the "Back" arrow in the upper left corner to get back to the main screen.

7 Tap the main input field (which says "Enter conferences"). Now enter your conference room name. This can consist of any letter and/or digits. Please avoid spaces.

Finally, tap "Join". We will now create your conference room and your conference will begin.

Additional notes:

  • If the room name already exists, join this room.
  • If the room name does not already exist, create this room. Make sure your attendees get this room name to join the conference.
  • If your attendees are using the app, they must also enter the server URL from step 3.
  • When your attendees join the conference through the browser, give them the following URL:
    replace "YOUR_ROOM_NAME" with the room name you created at the beginning of this step.

We are sure that these conferences will convince you of the quality of our offer.

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