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At ASCEND, we are proud to offer you a selection of leading brands that deliver innovative and reliable network solutions. Our partner brands Peplink, Viprinet and Voleatech have established themselves as industry leaders, offering a variety of products and services to optimise your connectivity and network performance.

Learn more about our renowned brands and discover how they can help you meet your business needs.



High-performance routing and SD-WAN solutions

Peplink is a globally recognised provider of high-performance routing and SD-WAN solutions. With their innovative technology and focus on reliability, Peplink products offer robust connectivity, load balancing capabilities, and sophisticated security mechanisms. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, Peplink gives you a flexible and scalable network infrastructure to meet your business needs.

Discover Peplink’s high-quality products and improve your network performance. Visit our Peplink subpage for more information.


Bundling technology for maximum connectivity

Viprinet is a pioneer in bundling technology, offering solutions for maximum connectivity and resilience. With its innovative products, Viprinet enables the bundling of different types of internet connections to provide a reliable and powerful network solution. Whether for mobile deployments, critical infrastructures or remote locations, Viprinet offers customised solutions for your specific requirements.

Learn more about Viprinet and how its bundling technology can help you optimize your connectivity. Visit our subpage for Viprinet for more information.

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Innovative Wi-Fi and networking solutions

Voleatech is a leading provider of innovative Wi-Fi and networking solutions. With their extensive product range, they offer first-class hardware and software for wireless communication. Voleatech products are characterised by high transfer speeds, reliable performance and ease of use. Whether for companies, public institutions or the hospitality sector, Voleatech offers solutions to improve your wireless connectivity.

Learn more about Voleatech and how their innovative Wi-Fi and networking solutions can help your business move forward. Visit our subpage for Voleatech for more information.

Discover Our Renowned Brands and Improve Your Network Performance

At ASCEND, we are committed to providing you with best networking solutions based on proven brands and innovative technologies. Our partner brands Peplink, Viprinet and Voleatech stand for outstanding performance, reliability and innovation. Visit our subpages for each brand for more information and to get to know the products.

Discover our leading brands today and optimise your network performance. Learn more about Peplink, Viprinet and Voleatech on our brand subpage.


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