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SD-WAN Products from ASCEND

Explore our extensive range of world-class networking products designed specifically to meet your business needs. From powerful routers and reliable access points to high quality antennas and SIM cards, we offer you a wide range of solutions. Expand your network infrastructure and optimise the connectivity of your business.


✓ Router

Stable and reliable network solutions

Our routers are designed to give you a stable and reliable network connection. With the latest technology and comprehensive features, our routers enable efficient data transfer, secure connectivity and easy management. Whether you’re a small business or a large organisation, our routers offer the flexibility and performance you need to run your network at its best.

Discover our selection of high-quality routers and expand your network infrastructure. Visit our B2B shop for more information and orders.

✓ Access Points

Ensure reliable Wi-Fi coverage

With our access points you can ensure reliable Wi-Fi coverage throughout your business premises. With high transmission speeds, extended range and easy configuration, our access points provide optimal connectivity for your employees and customers. Whether you’re running an office building, a hotel, or a retail store, our access points ensure a seamless, wireless networking experience.

AScend Access Points

Discover our selection of high-performance access points and improve your Wi-Fi infrastructure. Visit our B2B shop for more information and orders.

Ascend Antennas connected

✓ Antennas

Maximise signal strength and range

Our high-quality antennas are designed to maximise the signal strength and range of your networks. With a range of antenna types and models, we offer you the flexibility you need to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need to extend the range of your wireless networks or optimise connectivity in harsh environments, our antennas deliver first-class performance and reliability.

Discover our selection of high-quality antennas and improve the signal strength and range of your networks. Visit our B2B shop for more information and orders.

✓ SIM Cards

Secure connectivity for your mobile devices

Our SIM cards provide secure and reliable connectivity for your mobile devices. With our SIM cards, you can easily integrate your devices into mobile networks and maintain a stable internet connection. Whether you need a single SIM card or a larger number, our SIM cards support different cellular standards and give you the flexibility you need.


Discover our selection of reliable SIM cards and ensure secure connectivity for your mobile devices. Visit our B2B shop for more information and orders.

Discover Our Products and Optimise Your Network Infrastructure

With our diverse range of products, we provide you with the tools to expand your network infrastructure, improve connectivity and boost the performance of your business. Visit our B2B store for more information and to place orders. Our experienced team is at your disposal to help you choose the right products for your needs.

Visit our B2B shop today and discover our high-quality network products. Improve your connectivity and streamline your business operations.


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