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Quickly implement and use SD-WAN bonding and site networking thanks to ASCEND

Using and organizing large networks with main and many extensions, as well as the cloud, with ease and at reduced costs – this objective is behind the buzzword SD-WAN bonding. ASCEND provides comprehensive advice on building software-defined wide-area networks that are decoupled from the underlying hardware and bundle the various physical traffic systems into a single logical connection.

What is SD-WAN bonding all about?

In a wide-area network (WAN), many sub-sites are often grouped around a central control and organizational unit at a greater geographical distance. This makes it all the more important to transport data quickly and smoothly, which should not incur disproportionate costs. In a traditional network, deciding which data is going where, and how quickly, depends solely on the hardware used. This usually results in all data packets being treated equally, which can also cause disruptions, slowed connections, and increased costs.

Software-defined (SD) networking decouple traffic control from the hardware and entrusts it to a software application. The software allows for immediate response to the changing needs of the business. The responsible network technicians can centrally control the traffic according to their specifications and optimally tailor it to the requirements.

Bonding is perhaps the most vital aspect, that is the logical – not physical — merging of the various connection technologies that form the basis of network traffic. It can be xDSL, MPLS, cellular, fiber optics or other data connection paths. It is crucial that they are all used by means of software in the manner required. The user does not notice the way in which his fast internet connection or secure site-to-site link is established – it is only a matter of it running smoothly.

It has been the rule for some time now that the logical function of servers is separated from the underlying physical hardware. With SD-WAN bonding, the network is now also virtualized.

Our offers

ASCEND offers you a whole range of supportive services around the topic of SD-WAN bonding. These include:

  • Set up and operate a hosted site in your data center
  • Comprehensive support tailored to your specific needs
  • Expert advice on SD-WAN bonding hardware and software
  • Rental and sale of SD-WAN bonding hardware and software
  • Agreed data plans with respective providers
  • Advanced services such as Wi-Fi and other network infrastructure

Your benefits

SD-WAN bonding and support from us allows you to significantly optimize your wide area network and always ensure trouble-free connections.

For example, if a single physical line fails, the network-wide Internet or site-to-site connections will be significantly less affected than before. Users usually do not notice any connection failure, as the data packets are simply routed via another line, which is currently available.

The logical bundling of several lines also increases not only the resilience, but also the speed of data transmission and thus all functions and services of the Internet.

Last but not least, a very decisive advantage: The manufacturers of network technology usually only offer you devices. However, you have a task or a problem to solve. Take a look at the entire task together with us and let us find the optimal solution for your connectivity!

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