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Unity EdgeConnect

The Business-Driven SD-WAN Edge Platform

Created for Today’s Cloud-First Enterprise

Unlike router-centric and basic SD-WAN solutions, EdgeConnect enables you to shift to a business

Unity EdgeConnect physical or virtual appliances deliver:

  • Always-consistent, always-available application performance
  • Highest quality of voice and video, across any combination of transport services

Unity Orchestrator™ enables IT to rapidly and centrally define:

  • Application Quality of Service and security policies to 1000s of sites
  • Simplified service chaining to third-party network and security services

Unity Boost™ optional WAN optimization performance pack:

  • Improves the performance of latency-sensitive applications
  • Reduces transmission of repetitive data

Unity EdgeConnect Advanced Features

Business-driven SD-WAN Edge

Business-driven Application-specific Routing

The network conforms to the needs of the business, not vice versa

Delivers highest Quality of Expereince

Application Performance and Availability

Highest quality of experience for end users and IT, no matter where applications reside


Adaptive Internet Breakout and Machine Learning

Real-time monitoring of network and app performance with automated brownout and blackout remediation
A single unified

New WAN Edge for Cloud-first Enterprises

Simplify WAN edge architecture with the EdgeConnect unified SD-WAN platform

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