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Silver-Peak SD WAN

Switch to a business-oriented network model with AI support

Silver Peak SD-WAN – Unity Edge Connect – the business-oriented Edge Platform

Unity Edge Connect is designed for the modern company that is increasingly relying on the cloud and realizes the potential of the cloud in the digital age.

Why Silver Peak SD-WAN

In Silver Peak SD-WAN’s business-oriented network model, the network supports business operations, eliminating the need for it to adapt to network constraints.

Business-oriented network

Business requirements determine your applications, not your network. Your network resources adapt to the business relevance of your applications.

Highest quality of experience

Give your end users and IT the best possible experience.

Continuous adaptation

A self-driving wide area network that gains intelligence with every day.

A unified SD-WAN platform

Designed from the ground up as a complete system, SD-WAN can be managed centrally, remotely with Silver Peak as if you were on site.

Learn from forward-thinking companies why they rely on Silver Peak SD-WAN and the Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN Edge platform to make their networks a growth engine.

Business-oriented SD-WAN Edge

Business priorities always directly affect the behavior of the network; Business requirements determine applications and network resources

Meets the highest quality standards

End users benefit from consistent and available application performance; Your IT department can focus more on value-adding activities.

Continuous adaptation

Leverage automation and machine learning to run a self-driving wide area network that becomes smarter every day

A single unified platform

Designed from the ground up to combine SD-WAN, firewall, segmentation, routing, WAN optimization and overview, and application control in one platform.

As a Silver Peak Partner, we at ASCEND offer you an all-round solution for your company.

As a provider, we advise you on the selection of the right manufacturer, concept creation, security issues, as well as monitoring and fault management.

On request, we also take over these tasks as a fully managed service provider, with SLA and guaranteed response times.

Our data centers are in Nuremberg and Frankfurt. Further locations can be made available at short notice and worldwide.

As SD-WAN providers of the future, Silver Peak SD-WAN is perfectly positioned to keep your business online.

This allows you to be on-line 24/7 and work continuously on the Internet. Business-critical applications can always be used online.

For your company, you can use our self learning cloud solution for top performance and security to always be online. We offer top security as a service with Unity Edge Connect and hybrid cloud. The performance of the providers and the security is significantly optimized by the artificial intelligence of the SD-WAN as a holistic solution of your enterprise.

Using the WAN optimizer, you can use top hybrid networking for your enterprises. Your company benefits from the networking experience of a competent partner.

We offer top Serice for your hybrid WAN for your company.


ASCEND offers you 24/7 service


With the WAN Optimizer, you can always get the best performance from your Provides


Silver Peak SD-WAN and ASCEND always keep an eye on the security of the WAN connectors.


With the Unity Edge Connect solution, you’ll always have your networking in mind.


Thanks to the self-learning artificial intelligence of the Unity Edge Connect platform with us as a provider, your company is always at the forefront

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