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Complete WAN Control: Unity Orchestrator

Centralized SD-WAN Management

Simple, intelligent, and Centralized Orchestration with Unity Orchestrator

Complete control of your WAN in one surface

Silver Peak Unity Orchestrator

The intuitive user interface allows you to centrally define, assign, and enforce policies across the WAN.
Provide network managers with the ultimate in experience

  • Optimizing Network Operations
  • Simplify change management
  • Optimizing Network Operations
  • Simplify change management
  • Minimize configuration errors
  • Speed up troubleshooting
  • Enforce consistent policies across the WAN

Respond quickly with the Unity Orchestrator


Quickly deploy new sites or applications


Improve the visibility and control of your applications

Automate multi-level security policies

Ensure consistent configurations for all sites

Quick troubleshooting with detailed reports and analysis

Unity Orchestrator Advanced Features

Single Screen Administration

Switch to a business-first networking model where top-down business intent is the driving force

  • Intuitive templates optimize configuration and deployment
  • Self-explanatory user interface with real-time feedback accelerates decision-making
  • Einfach distinguishes network configurations across regions or appliance clusters
  • Ensure fast, error-free, and consistent network-wide configurations

Centrally define, assign, and enforce policies based on the business application to secure and control all application traffic on the wide area network

Real-time visibility and monitoring

Simplify operations, simplify changes, minimize errors, and help you troubleshoot faster

  • Customized dashboards display built-in information – device status, alerts, licenses, topology, top talker, etc.
  • Monitor throughput, loss, latency, and jitter of application traffic across overlays and underlays
  • Customize performance measurement reports (e.g. bandwidth saving report)

The Orchestrator Dashboard provides specific SD-WAN state and performance details on a single screen

Automation and continuous control

Quickly deploy, maintain the best possible network and application performance, and automatically adapt to changing business needs

  • Correlate failures, performance, and configuration issues with a single health map
  • Automatically assign Business Intent policies to optimize connectivity across 100 or 1000 locations
  • Automate daily updates for millions of cloud applications and web domains
  • Automate integration with cloud security services (such as zscaler) to provide consistent security policies for all users in all locations with a true zero-touch deployment

Correlate failure, performance, and configuration issues in real time on all appliances with a single health map

Centralized orchestration and management

Orchestration across all network functions, including SD-WAN, routing, firewall, segmentation, WAN optimization, and application visibility and control
  • Enable the deployment of new EdgeConnect appliances at the touch of a button and transfer preconfigured Business Intent policies
  • Seamless drag-and-drop service chaining with third-party network and security services
  • Apply WAN optimization to any application class with a single click
by concatenation of drag-and-drop services, traffic is dynamically routed to the next generation of security infrastructures or cloud security services

An orchestrator for every kind of business

Unity Orchestrator with SD-WAN EdgeConnect Apliances

Unity Orchestrator

Designed to meet the unique needs of distributed companies:

  • Optimize operations and speed up troubleshooting
  • Simplify change management and reduce human errors
  • Consistent enforcement of policies across the WAN

>> Download the Data Sheet

Unity Orchestrator Global Enterprise

Designed to meet the specific needs of large companies and managed service providers:

  • Apply coordinated network and security policies for multiple business units or subsidiaries
  • Scale deployments to thousands of sites
  • Centrally and efficiently manage a large WAN with different management domains or regions

>> Download the Data Sheet

Flexible Deployment Options


Deploy Orchestrator as a virtual machine in an existing environment

Public cloud

Deploying Orchestrator as a Virtual Instance in Amazon Web Services (AWS)

ASCEND Datacenter in Germany

Optional Orchestrator-as-a-Service Subscription License

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