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ASCEND has connected the participants of the climate conference for youths COY 13 with a mobile internet

From 2 to 4 November 2017, the 13th Conference of Youth (COY13) took place in Bonn, organized annually by YOUNGO – the Youth Representation at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) every year since 2005. ASCEND’s network experts ensured that the approximately 1,000 participants from 114 countries gained extensive mobile Internet access during the three days with their laptops and smartphones to retrieve relevant live streams, for example. In addition, this created a prerequisite which allows young climate activists from all over the world to connect with each other beyond the location and time of the conference.

At COY, young people with a passion for and interest in environmental and climate change-related issues meet, always immediately before the United Nations Climate Summit, also known as the Conference of the Parties (COP), which opened in Bonn on 6 November. This year, it was under the presidency of Fiji, which has been particularly hard hit by global warming and the associated rise in sea levels. The theme of the youth conference in the run-up to the event was “Talanoa Mada – Youth promotes climate protection” and promoted the goal of preparing the young participants for the subsequent climate negotiations and expanding Internet-based networks on the topic in more than 225 individual events.
“In addition to the exchange of information in discussion rounds and seminars, the retrieval of up-to-date data from the internet and online communication on social media is becoming increasingly important for such an event,” says Christian Heckel, Managing Director of the network service provider ASCEND from Nuremberg. “That is why we are particularly proud to have created the appropriate conditions for the Youth Climate Conference in Bonn.”

Modern network technology is increasingly becoming a success factor

Within a day, the ASCEND team had set up a total of eleven Internet Access Points in the premises of the Integrated Comprehensive School Bonn-Beuel, where the COY13 took place. The participants took advantage of the possibilities of the wireless network with great enthusiasm: During the three days of the event, a volume of data in the order of 850 gigabytes was moved.
“The most critical thing for ASCEND was whether the broadcast and the reception of various live streams is possible for all participants without any problems,” reports Johannes Fickeis. Both the feedback from the young climate activists and the continuous control of network technology were positive not only about this question. “Unfortunately, we had to dismantle the access points after the three days,” says the managing director of the Nuremberg-based company. “But we are already looking forward to equipping similar events with innovative technology as soon as possible – and thus supporting the networking of committed people around the world.”

Since 2004, ASCEND from Nuremberg has advanced the digital lifestyle like no other company. With Wi-Fi and network concepts, the company supports municipalities, companies, and libraries throughout Germany as well as countless public events. Great technical know-how regarding Wi-Fi access, billing, and analysis tools is just as much a pillar of the company’s philosophy as an unconditional customer service and an absolute priority for data security.

YOUNGO is the youth representation of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). As a network of all young climate activists in the UNFCCC process, YOUNGO, together with regional and local groups and organizations, organizes the Conference of Youth (COY) every year before the UN Climate Conferences (COP). It is an independent event for the exchange and networking of young people and for the preparation of the COP. In addition to delegates from the upcoming climate conference, committed and active people outside the UN process as well as young interested parties can now participate.

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