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Immediate help for companies in the Corona Crisis – Ascend connects locations quickly and easily via powerful, temporary Internet connections (VPN)

SD-WAN-Hersteller Silver Peak Firmenzentrale

Nuremberg, May 2020 – The current Corona Crisis presents many companies with major challenges. This is especially true when the day-to-day life of the company is in constant change. One of these challenges is to provide employees of various Home-Office Standorten secure and user-friendly access to the company network. Ascend offers various possibilities and capacities to establish powerful VPN Connections quickly and easily, taking into account all common criteria of the IT Security. This way, Home-Office computers connect directly to the company network, depending on the needs and company size. This is done either via VPN routers or Multi-WAN-Router and Cloud Services. All solutions are modular and can be combined with each other.

“Thanks to our Wi-Fi experience in the Veranstaltungsbereich, where the highest demands are placed on temporary internet connections in the shortest possible time, we can act very quickly in the current situation and map a wide variety of scenarios,” explains Johannes Fickeis, Managing Director of ASCEND GmbH. The IT system house specializes in site networking through SD-WAN-Bonding. This technology logically merges different types of connections to achieve maximum performance. Our highly professional network technologies include only the best Hardware from the market leaders PEPLink, VIPRINET, UBIQUITI, Cambium, Silver Peak and RUCKUS.

Even before this current situation, we have expanded our data center extensively for you. It enables redundant VPN connections with a total bandwidth of up to 10 Gbps that adapt to the IP address range of the respective customer, not the other way around. The data traffic is data protection compliant and all solutions are also offered as Managed Service with SLA’s. “Every company and the associated networks are always individually considered by us. This allows us to find the best VPN solution for every company and its home office requirements.”

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