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Internet for on the road: With ASCEND now also in the rescue vehicle

The WLAN and network specialist ASCEND from Nuremberg has now equipped an emergency vehicle of the RKT rescue service OHG from Regensburg with a mobile bonding router. This ensures that the Internet can be used on the go anytime and anywhere – an advantage that can make the difference between life and death in this environment.

Emergency services particularly benefit from the advantages of modern wireless communication. It is useful to send patient data to the clinic or to keep track of the situation and retrieve information from the cloud when coordinating larger operations with a variety of deployed rescue workers.

In this case the Internet must not weaken and the fine-tuning of the Internet connection should not fail due to different mobile network standards or devices. “With a software-defined bonding router, we bundle different physical transmission paths into a single logical network,” explains ASCEND Managing Director Johannes Fickeis. “This allows all integrated participants to have trouble-free access to the Internet at all times, regardless of systems or end devices that are used for this purpose.”

Digitalization in medicine is just one area of application for innovative mobility solutions

In December 2018, the RKT rescue service OHG in southern Europe used ASCEND’s technology at an event organized by a renowned vehicle manufacturer. All driving-active elements of the event could be discreetly accompanied and documented from the emergency vehicle equipped with state-of-the-art Wi-Fi bonding technology. “This is a great advantage because it mobilizes the central control center of any vehicle fleet itself and finally removes the spatial boundaries of the respective network,” says Johannes Fickeis. He sees many possibilities for which the organizers of major events with a bonding router from ASCEND could in some way rent a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot in the future. “And there is nothing on our part that can prevent the permanent installation of such devices,” says Fickeis.

Since 2004, ASCEND from Nuremberg has advanced the digital lifestyle like no other company. With Wi-Fi and network concepts, the company supports municipalities, companies and libraries throughout Germany as well as countless public events. Great technical know-how regarding Wi-Fi access, billing, and analysis tools is just as much a pillar of the company’s philosophy as an unconditional customer service and an absolute priority for data security.

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