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ASCEND supplies East Germany’s largest amusement park BELANTIS with comprehensive public Wi-Fi

The Wi-Fi marketing experts at ASCEND provide one of Germany’s largest amusement parks with public Wi-Fi: The BELANTIS family leisure park at the gates of Leipzig thus benefits from comprehensive customer analyses that enable even more targeted marketing campaigns. The prerequisite is the extensive know-how of the Nuremberg network specialists, who provide BELANTIS with some very simple tools to exploit the full analysis and marketing potential.

ASCEND has not only equipped the many attractions of the theme park with hotspots, which allow visitors with their mobile devices free of charge and easy access to the Internet. Thanks to the manufacturer’s software and Wi-Fi technology, the access points can also be used for customer analysis: If guests of the amusement park authenticate themselves in the public Wi-Fi in order to retrieve up-to-date information or post their own impressions on social media, highlights and also possible “shopkeepers” of the amusement park can be identified. “Of course, the data analysis is completely anonymous,” says ASCEND Managing Director Johannes Fickeis, who oversees the BELANTIS project. “The security of individual customer data is our top priority.” Nevertheless, valuable knowledge is generated in this way, for example, which rides are most popular with the guests.

Customer communication redefined

The collected data is summarized by ASCEND in a so-called Business Intelligence Dashboard. This allows BELANTIS to generate anonymous customer statistics and use them specifically for marketing campaigns, for example, to address specific visitor groups. By the way, ASCEND delivers the right marketing platform right away. The web service not only brings immense advantages to the amusement park. It is also a key starting point for increasing customer satisfaction. On that basis, BELANTIS can offer visitors tailor-made packages. Customer communication is thus redefined because it runs along subliminally constantly. These market analyses may reveal new trends that give impetus to new or optimised offerings – all of which, of course, comply with data protection.

Pro-actively prevent IT problems

IT security does not only refer to the personal data of visitors. BELANTIS also has all trouble-free Wi-Fi management in the care of ASCEND. In a way, the experts from Nuremberg are also redefining IT support. “We have set up the system so that problems in customer IT are automatically reported to our customer service seven days a week and around the clock,” says Johannes Fickeis. Because ASCEND’s experts can take countermeasures in no time, most IT problems would be prevented before they become a tangible disruption. And even in this case, ASCEND has the history of the server or workstation and can quickly locate and fix the cause. This proactive IT disruption service not only saves time and nerves but also saves money. “We can reduce failures to a minimum, if not completely avoid them,” says Johannes Fickeis. “And again in perfect harmony with data protection.”

For more information about ASCEND’s new Wi-Fi service and other products, visit the company’s website at www.ascend.de

Since 2004, ASCEND from Nuremberg has advanced the digital lifestyle like no other company. With Wi-Fi and network concepts, the company supports municipalities, companies, and libraries throughout Germany as well as countless public events. Great technical know-how regarding Wi-Fi access, billing, and analysis tools is just as much a pillar of the company’s philosophy as an unconditional customer service and an absolute priority for data security.

BELANTIS – the AbenteuerReich (AdventureKingdom) is a unique leisure experience for families who want to embark on an action-packed adventure together. Located just outside Leipzig, the family leisure park with over 60 attractions offers fun for young and old. Various roller coasters, numerous carousels, and dozens of rides provide guests with endless fun. The AbenteuerReich (AdventureKingdom) spans eight fantastic themed worlds and offers visitors a varied mix of fast-paced driving pleasure, magical shows, and interactive attractions. Adrenaline junkies get their money’s worth as well as calmer minds. In 2016, BELANTIS was awarded the 5th place among Europe’s best amusement parks in its category. For more information, visit www.belantis.de

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