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Why Video Conferencing?

Globalization and on-demand communication are essential for companies today. Video conferencing will help you meet these challenges successfully.

Video conferencing increases your productivity, saves time, reduces travel costs, and promotes collaboration with your employees and partners both locally and internationally.

Reach multiple people at the same time

Video conferencing allows you to meet with multiple people at the same time – no matter where you or your partners are. Meeting with several participants can be done without any issues.

This is one of the best ways to speed up your projects.

Save time and money on travel

Video conferencing saves time and money related to business trips. Routine meetings, negotiations, interviews and other communication is made easier than ever with video conferencing.

Connect all your employees in one "location"

Does your company have remote employees scattered across different locations? Video conferencing brings them all together in one virtual location.

Do you have employees who work from home? Do you or your employees have remote workplaces (Home Office)? Video conferencing is an indispensable tool to stay connected with your employees and to manage your company.


Video conferencing allows participants to be more focused on the topic of discussion. Productivity goes up as your employees communicate easier with each other. The result is projects are finished faster.

Interacting with people: the better way

Video conferencing is far superior to normal telephone calls. You can see the body language and facial expressions of the participants. Additionally, it helps your employees feel that you are reachable from their home office.

Communication with flexible working hours

Video conferencing allows you to stay in touch with your employees even at unusual working hours. Even if your employees’ working hours overlap only at certain times, video conferencing allows you to overcome this difficulty with relative ease.

And even more advantages

Schedule your conferences and meetings regardless of time.

Talk to multiple people in one day, even when they’re in different places.

Better teamwork and faster results from group projects.

Connect the video conferencing to digital whiteboards.

The ASCEND Video conferencing

JITSI LogoWe use Jitsi to make your video conferencing a reality. With Jitsi, we have not only a reliable, but also an experienced partner. You can customize the conference to suit your needs.

Use The Ascend Hosted and Encrypted Video Conference at any time. We will gladly install the system on your premises. We can also host your instance on our servers, customized for your specific needs. Just as you want.

We have the same goals as Jitsi:

At Jitsi, we believe that every video chat should sound amazing and look amazing, whether between 2 or 200 people.

Contact us today to receive an offer. We look forward to hearing from you.

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