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Wi-Fi Simulation

Wi-Fi Planning and Simulation

LAN Simulation / Wi-Fi Planning

Why a Wi-Fi simulation or Wi-Fi planning beforehand?

Nowadays, many electricians offer to install Wi-Fi without planning. However, there is often a lack of knowledge about this technology. Like sound and lighting, Wi-Fi coverage is best achieved by consulting Wi-Fi specialists. It’s not just about creating the necessary Wi-Fi coverage, it’s about identifying the Wi-Fi requirements. These include user density, Wi-Fi data transfer rates, external Wi-Fi sources of interference and, of course, Wi-Fi security. With Wi-Fi for home, or a single office, it can be enough simply to place “any Wi-Fi access point” somewhere. For larger workgroups, office buildings with several floors, hotels, schools or other objects, a Wi-Fi simulation before installing the cables makes sense. This way, the lines can be placed right there where they are needed later and you will immediately get a good Wi-Fi to work with.

Ekahau Heatmap Wi-Fi coverage Airtime usage
Ekahau Heatmap Wi-Fi coverage Channel overlap
Ekahau Heatmap Wi-Fi coverage Access Point Number
Ekahau Heatmap Wi-Fi coverage Signal Strength

Why Wi-Fi planning from experts?

Our trained and experienced Wi-Fi experts plan their Wi-Fi, whether over several floors, outdoors, in a sports stadium or a hotel. We advise you on the choice of Wi-Fi access points, the placement and verification of the Wi-Fi coverage. On request, we also offer Wi-Fi completely as a managed service.

How does Wi-Fi simulation or Wi-Fi planning work?

First, for Wi-Fi simulation, we need blueprints, escape route plans or the likes, to get an idea of the location for which we are supposed to run the Wi-Fi simulation.
Additionally, we need the dimensions and listing of building materials used in order to make provision for the Wi-Fi attenuation. Here you can also indicate the areas in which Wi-Fi is needed.

As soon as we have the plans, we need the requirements. What size of data do you want to transfer through the Wi-Fi? Where can the Wi-Fi access points be installed? What specifications are used? Fire protection and optics must be adhered to. Do you want to use VoIP telephony over Wi-Fi, or “just” print and email?
We are also happy to help you create the requirements profile.
Once the Wi-Fi requirements have been defined, we start planning. After completion of the planning, or for larger Wi-Fi projects, after completion of individual phases, you will receive a report.

It can be useful, and we also recommend performing an Active Site Survey (Wi-Fi) reference measurement. This can be used to measure the Wi-Fi attenuation values, identify sources of interference and, if necessary, adjust the Wi-Fi planning.
If you are unaware of the attenuation or the material condition, or if you are not sure, you can also perform the measurement before the simulation. If these values are known during the simulation, the measurement will confirm the simulation.

After completion, you will receive a report for your documents, which could also be used to configure the Wi-Fi access points. All important Wi-Fi key figures are documented and graphically displayed.

A selection of our references for Wi-Fi simulations

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