Fleet Management & Mobile Connectivity

Manage your fleet of vehicles and connect them with mobile internet


Fleet Management with GPS Tracking Software and Peplink InControl

Optimise Your Vehicle Fleet


With our management interface, you can turn your GPS-enabled mobile Peplink routers into a fleet management system.

Monitor your vehicles with interactive maps. Monitor the speed and cellular signal strength.
All this in real time or with recording.

Why does it make sense to combine GPS tracking software and Peplink InControl?

Managing a vehicle fleet requires careful monitoring and control of everything, from routes and operating costs to vehicle safety and maintenance. With the combination of GPS tracking software and Peplink InControl, you have all the important information in one system and can optimally control your fleet.


Peplink InControl is a cloud-based platform that allows you to manage your networks and devices from anywhere in the world. With Peplink InControl you can monitor your vehicles’ connections, control data usage and ensure each vehicle is connected to the fastest connection available.

GPS tracking software allows you to track the position of your vehicles in real time, thereby improving route optimization, avoiding unnecessary trips, increasing safety and planning maintenance. With GPS tracking software, you can also monitor speeds and ensure your drivers are following prescribed routes.

How can I use Peplink InControl and GPS tracking software for my fleet management?

There are many providers of GPS tracking software and Peplink InControl that are specifically designed for fleet management. You can either buy software or use a cloud-based solution. Before making a decision, you should find out exactly what the features and costs of the various solutions are and compare them with your company’s requirements. It is also important to check if the software is compatible with Peplink InControl so that you can take advantage of both systems.


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Easily find any device using an interactive map. Just click on the device to see details like mobile signal strength and the number of connected users.



Track past activities in 24h intervals. View route history in real time or at higher speed to see exactly WHEN the vehicle was WHERE and how fast it was moving.



Use the color codes to see how fast the vehicle is moving or has moved.


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