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IT security and e-mail security by ASCEND and Hornet Security

We specialize in IT security and e-mail security and rely on the services of Hornet Security. This partnership ensures that companies' mail traffic is comprehensively secured, taking into account the principles of proper accounting (GoB).

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Hornet Security's e-mail archiving functions

Hornet Security offers a range of functions for securing and archiving emails:

  • Automatic and audit-proof archiving: All incoming and outgoing e-mails are stored unalterably.
  • Privacy protection: Users can mark private emails that are protected from access by reviewers.
  • Unlimited storage space: Each user has unlimited storage space for archiving.
  • TLS encryption: The transmission between the archive and the mail server is encrypted using TLS to protect data during transmission.
  • Regulated retention periods: The archiving period can be set individually from 6 months to 10 years.

ASCEND: A system house from Nuremberg

In addition to e-mail security solutions, ASCEND also offers a wide range of IT services, including:

  • WLAN solutions: For various applications such as events, cities and municipalities.
  • Monitoring services: Including data center, event and livestream monitoring.
  • Video conferencing solutions: To support modern communication needs.
  • more...

E-mail security in accordance with the GoB

The archiving of emails via Hornet Security complies with the GoB that apply to companies in Germany. These include:

  • Correctness and completeness: All business transactions must be recorded correctly and completely.
  • Security: Measures for secure archiving of all records are required.
  • Retention periods: Prescribed retention periods apply, which can be complied with using Hornet Security's archiving function.

Secure and compliant e-mail traffic

ASCEND's cooperation with Hornet Security not only ensures IT and e-mail security for companies, but also compliance with important accounting and data protection standards. This partnership provides a comprehensive solution for organizations looking for reliable email security and accounting compliance.

Enhanced IT security and e-mail protection by ASCEND and Hornet Security

ASCEND from Nuremberg, in partnership with Hornet Security, offers comprehensive solutions for IT security and the protection of e-mail communication. These services are essential to protect companies from a variety of cyber threats that are becoming increasingly sophisticated in today's digital world.

Protection against phishing and malware

Phishing and malware are two of the most common threats companies face today. Phishing attempts aim to obtain confidential information such as passwords and credit card numbers by deception. Malware, on the other hand, can damage or steal data and is often difficult to detect. Hornet Security offers advanced detection mechanisms to effectively identify and block these threats before they can cause damage.

Email security in the cloud

The use of cloud-based email services such as Microsoft 365 has increased in recent years. Although these platforms offer a number of advantages, they also harbor specific security risks. Hornet Security ensures that emails sent and received via cloud services are comprehensively protected. Data encryption and secure storage in the cloud ensure that confidential information remains safe.

Sender authentication and spam detection

Another important aspect of e-mail security is checking the authenticity of the sender. Spam e-mails are not only annoying, they can also contain dangerous links or attachments. Hornet Security's advanced spam detection technologies effectively filter out unwanted emails and thus protect against potential threats.

Use of Email Intelligence

Email intelligence is another key area in which Hornet Security offers its expertise. By analyzing email traffic data, patterns and suspicious activities can be identified. This enables proactive defense against threats and helps to keep IT security at a high level.


The partnership between ASCEND and Hornet Security provides a robust solution for organizations looking to protect their IT infrastructure and email communications. Combining advanced technology and extensive experience in IT security, this alliance provides essential protection against a wide range of threats, from phishing and malware to spam and unsolicited emails.


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