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WLAN Marketing

Effective WLAN marketing with ASCEND and LinkyFi

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WLAN marketing with ASCEND and LinkyFi: How to inspire your customers

Would you like to offer your customers a special shopping experience that binds them to your brand? Then you should use WLAN marketing, an innovative way of communicating with your customers and making them personalized offers. With ASCEND and LinkyFi you can now use this technology very easily.

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What is WLAN marketing?

WLAN Marketing is a strategy that uses the WLAN in your business premises as a powerful tool for personalized marketing campaigns. By offering your customers free and secure Internet access, you can collect valuable data about their preferences, behavior and satisfaction. WLAN marketing can help you to increase your sales, increase your customer loyalty and improve your brand awareness.

Why ASCEND and LinkyFi?


ASCEND is your official German partner and distributor for LinkyFi, one of the leading platforms for WiFi marketing. Thanks to our close cooperation with LinkyFi, we can offer you the following advantages:

    • A dedicated instance in a German data center that guarantees maximum data security and data protection.

    • Exclusive access to LinkyFi's advanced features and tools that allow you to customize and optimize your Wi-Fi marketing.

    • Individual advice and support from our experienced team to help you use WLAN marketing effectively for your business.

With ASCEND and LinkyFi, you get a customized WiFi marketing solution that is tailored to your industry and target group.

How does it work?

To use WiFi Marketing with Ascend and LinkyFi, you only need to follow three simple steps:

  • Contact us and let us advise you. We analyze your needs and goals and create an individual offer for you.

  • Install the LinkyFi hardware in your business premises. We supply you with the necessary hardware and support you with installation and configuration.

  • Create your WiFi marketing campaigns. With the LinkyFi platform, you can customize the design and content of the sign-up page, create and evaluate various campaigns, or reach your customers via social media.

Once you have completed these steps, you can start WiFi Marketing and enjoy the benefits.

How LinkyFi is revolutionizing retail

Customized marketing campaigns for sustainable customer loyalty

In retail, it is crucial to retain customers in the long term. Thanks to LinkyFi, you can now tailor your marketing campaigns specifically to your customers. Capture valuable demographic data and gain a better understanding of your customers' preferences. The traffic analysis enables you to make optimum use of space and resources at store level. Compare the performance of your locations and optimize your business at company level.

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Digital signage and Wi-Fi navigation for an improved customer experience

Shopping centers face the challenge of increasing their attractiveness and appealing to customers in a targeted manner. With LinkyFi you can identify the most popular areas based on hard figures and carry out targeted upselling. Record the presence analyses of your offline marketing strategies in order to better understand and optimize them. Our optimized digital signage adapts to actual customer traffic and enables easy navigation through the mall thanks to our Wi-Fi navigation engine.

Public transportation - increasing efficiency through precise analyses

In public transportation, efficiency is crucial to meet the needs of commuters. LinkyFi enables precise analysis of passenger flows and habits, resulting in optimized routes and timetables. By evaluating real-time data, transport companies can minimize bottlenecks, reduce waiting times and improve the overall driving experience. LinkyFi's attendance analytics provide a comprehensive basis for informed decisions that make both commuting and public transportation services as a whole more efficient.

With individual tariffs and targeted customer surveys, transport companies can also develop a better understanding of their passengers' needs and further optimize their services. Thanks to LinkyFi, public transport can offer tangible added value and significantly increase its efficiency in order to serve commuters and passengers in the best possible way.

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Individual tariffs and customer surveys for more satisfied commuters

Public transportation benefits from LinkyFi through improved routes and schedules based on precise attendance analysis. Fares are adapted to the length and type of journey in order to meet the needs of passengers. Our WLAN homepage (Captive Portal) provides you with valuable commuter feedback through targeted questionnaires.

Our LinkyFi solutions offer you unique advantages and unique selling points in the areas mentioned. ASCEND is at your side as a competent partner to strengthen your company and sustainably improve your customer engagement.

WLAN marketing is one of the most effective strategies for addressing and engaging your customers in real time. With ASCEND and LinkyFi you can now use this technology very easily. Contact us today and let us show you how we can help you take your business to the next level. We look forward to your inquiry!

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