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VPN via Satellite Multi WAN Bonding

Satelliten Bündelung ohne TCP Optimierung und VPN über Satellit A satellite connection with slow VPN connection via satellite [/caption].

Due to the high latency of 700 ms to 2000 ms, VPN tunnels via satellite connections are usually extremely slow.
This is because the server is waiting for confirmation from the receiver that it has received all data packets. If the server does not receive an acknowledgment, it stops sending data until it has received the acknowledgment. Due to the delay of approx. 800 ms, the server always sends a piece, waits again, sends again, and so on. The data rate that is thus achieved is approx. 2-3 Mbit/s.

To solve this we have the following solution:

Satelliten Bündelung mit TCP Optimierung A satellite connection with fast VPN connection via satellite, optimized for speed[/caption].

We terminate the customer’s VPN connection at our firewall in the data center and then establish encrypted connections via the satellite connection(s) to the remote peer. From there it goes, also encrypted if desired, to the customer’s end device.

This enables us to optimize data traffic for transmission via satellite.

Peplink Balance Router as VPN-Hub

The Balance Router only needs to be connected to the Internet via the WAN port. An IP address must be switched to this, which is publicly accessible. Either directly or via NAT. Thus, the Balance Router acts as a remote station for other Speedfusion VPN routers to bundle lines.

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