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Cities & Municipalities

Wi-Fi for Cities and Municipalities

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Wi-Fi hotspots can be temporary or permanently installed. We offer both. This article covers the solutions for fixed hotspots.

To operate a fixed hotspot well, it is advisable to lay eight-core cables from the internet connection point to the access points (access points for the terminals). This will ensure the best performance. Typically, the central office will have a switch to control the access points and a firewall (router) to manage the VPN tunnel. Such systems are available in a number of variations. But before we get to that, a few general explanations.


Access Point

The switch comes in handy when operating more than one access point. This allows the system to be made available at multiple locations - the access points. Some switches even take over the power supply, so that this is not necessary at the access points.

Firewall, Router, VPN Tunnel

The router connects the system to the internet. In Germany, the legal situation is constantly changing. It is therefore recommended that you use a VPN tunnel to the data centre of your trusted provider. No matter what your guests do on the Wi-Fi, you can relax. The data traffic is forwarded with the IP address of the provider and therefore your provider is the first point of contact in case your hotspot is used for illegal purposes.

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Internet Connection

You have the option of using your existing Internet connection or a connection set up specifically for this purpose. The advantage of an existing connection is that no extra costs are incurred. The advantage of having a separate connection is that you can continue to make full use of your existing connection and the data transmission is not burdened by the hotspot, so the full bandwidth of your connection is available to you.

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The hardware required varies from case to case. If you expect a high density of visitors (e.g. at a trade fair), you need more and better access points than if the density of visitors is low (e.g. in a hotel room you very rarely expect 40 people). The size and performance also depends on the expected data throughput. Just get in touch with us.

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Would you like to advertise yourself, your company or something else via your hotspot? You can do this with ASCEND Marketing. Before your guests log on to the Wi-Fi, they can see your logo and be redirected to the website you have specified (if the terminal supports this). You decide whether your guests can log in via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. and what data you collect as a result. Advantage: You get to know your customers better and know if someone has been there before and can respond.

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Protection of minors

What kind of customers, guests, visitors do you expect? Do you want to give them full access to the internet, or do you want to use a filter to protect minors or impose other restrictions on them? The choice is yours.

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Offering the Hotspot

Many of our customers offer the hotspot without charging for it. Some, however, sell tickets for using the Wi-Fi and thus create an additional income that quickly covers the installation costs.

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Rent or Purchase

You can buy all the components you need and have them configured, or you can rent the needed components. The advantage of buying is lower monthly costs. After all, they are your devices. The advantage of renting is the lower one-off purchase costs and if a device breaks down, it is replaced immediately.


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