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WLAN Solutions: Managed Wi-Fi for your company & project

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High-speed Wi-Fi at all locations

ASCEND specializes in providing managed Wi-Fi solutions and high-speed Wi-Fi that can be set up and managed anywhere.

Provide your subscribers with everything they need to enjoy the best possible experience at work or during a stay. At the same time, reduce support costs for service providers and, if you want, you can generate additional revenue. ​​

Our flexible managed Wi-Fi connects you anywhere, whether outdoors or indoors. We are confident that we will find exactly the right solution for you.

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Managed Wi-Fi with full service and marketing tools

Use captive portal functionalities in your networks and offer your customers and users specific insights, content and targeted marketing content. With our Wi-Fi marketing solutions, you can understand your customers and generate additional revenue with your hotspot and Wi-Fi.

When visitors sign up for internet access on your captive portal, they agree to share personal information in return. While you're tracking age, gender, visitor location, and engagement and retention rates, the industry's leading machine learning algorithms get to work. They are designed to collect insights into user behavior in the background so that you can increase the operational efficiency of your site.

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Wi-Fi software with easy operation

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Access Points

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WLAN with pinpoint accuracy

Wireless networks wherever they are needed


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