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Why work from home?

In the information age, home workplaces are becoming more and more popular. Offering the option to work from home gives you many advantages.

Especially in times when commuting is a problem, some companies and employees have thought about working from home in order to reduce delays.

But there are a lot of other benefits to consider as motivation to work from home. Here are just nine of them:

For your business

Significantly lower expenditure

Rent, utilities and other costs involved in running an office can add up to a significant amount. This must, of course, be offset by revenue. A home office can significantly reduce this spending.

Working from home can also offer tax advantages. Most workers from home can deduct at least some of the utilities (internet, hardware, parts of the rent, etc.) from the tax.

Employees who work from home have less spending. This could potentially affect the salary to be paid.

Their accessibility increases. Convenience too.

If you have customers in different time zones, it’s your job to adjust your schedule to meet their availability. With a home office, it’s easier to “meet” with your customers outside of opening hours. Disappearing to your home office for an hour is much more convenient than driving to your office.

Employees who work from home are often more willing to work at more unusual times. Depending on how time-critical your work is, many workers from home can choose their own working hours. This often leads to increased employee satisfaction.

An expanded image is often not worth the return

A fancy room at a prestigious address can initially impress potential customers. In the end, however, each company is judged on the quality of its services and products. If you don’t have to invite many customers, a home office can give you the opportunity to offer great services.

Extension of the setup options

A regular office limits the types of changes that can be made to the room. If a move is made, some or all of these adjustments may be lost. A home office minimizes this problem.

A word about your motivation and self-discipline

Many people are concerned that they will lack self-discipline and concentration when they work from home. Although this concern has some justification, it is worth remembering that your paycheck is based solely on your performance. That’s enough motivation for most, especially if you own your own business.

Since employees can often choose their own working hours, negative work pressure is reduced. This increases the satisfaction of your employees and their productivity. Win win.

Personal benefits

Increase in house value

By converting a room into a home office, you automatically add value to your home – especially if you use space that has not been used before. Home offices are becoming increasingly popular and could be exactly the feature a potential buyer is looking for.

The environment benefits

Commuting is significantly reduced. This means that vehicle emissions are also reduced. Also Most people heat and cool your home, whether you’re at home or not. So why not reduce your carbon footprint to just one location?

More time for the family

Commuting takes time. Time you can’t spend with your family. If your easy journey is 20 minutes, that’s at least 160 potential family hours a year. You will never get those hours again. A home workplace gives you more time for the people you care about most.

Accessibility in emergencies

Disasters can occur quickly (e.g. pandemics). Those working from home are often still available for a long time when the regular office worker can no longer go to work.

Even with minor problems such as a cold, office workers often have to stay at home and you lose valuable labor. Workers from home can often still be available for at least part of the day.

How ASCEND can help you

The biggest difficulty in setting up a home office is usually to set up access to corporate resources with security in mind when the company is not in the same location as the home office. We support you in setting up high-performance, flexible and secure VPNs and home office VPNs.

So if your employees need access to the corporate network from home, we’ll set up a secure connection for you.

Use OpenVPN to make your connection as reliable as possible.

As a license partner of Peplink, we are also experts in establishing a professional VPN connection with the Peplink routers. For example, we can license the Peplink Balance 30 LTE to supply hybrid locations where there is officially no hybrid.

We procure and set up everything from the Internet connection, the (VPN) router, the WLAN access points, telephones, to the PCs for your home office to everything from a single source.

Please contact us to get an offer. We look forward to hearing from you.

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