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Teltonika Bonding: Your key to reliable and highly available connectivity

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ASCEND expands its portfolio with Teltonika bonding solutions

In a world where reliable connectivity is essential, Ascend is setting new standards. With the introduction of Teltonika Bonding to our service offering, we are providing businesses with unprecedented network reliability and bandwidth. Our partnership with Bondix Intelligence underscores our commitment to providing advanced solutions through S.A.N.E. (Simple Aggregation of Networks) software, which is specifically designed for uninterrupted applications such as voice, video and data transmission.

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Why Teltonika Bonding?

The need for reliable connectivity with high bandwidths is constantly growing. Bondix has developed the S.A.N.E. software to ensure a reliable connection for all applications. This simple and efficient software solution can be installed on various platforms to enable WAN aggregation functions. With S.A.N.E., the bonding (aggregation) of load balancing between different WAN interfaces and providers is realized to provide a highly available overall connection that keeps you online without interruption.

Application of S.A.N.E. technology

To increase the throughput or availability of access to remote applications, the use of two or more connections is often chosen. These can be landline or wireless (fiber optic, DSL, WLAN, mobile radio, satellite) connections, or a combination of these. This is where the S.A.N.E. software comes into play: with the unique S.A.N.E. technology, you can ensure a highly available connection and optimum throughput.
S.A.N.E. technology offers three options here:

Seamless backup: Different WAN uplinks are available, but only the primary uplink is used by the running application at the same time. If the primary uplink fails, the system automatically switches to the next available interface/uplink without interrupting or disconnecting existing connections.

Load balancing with seamless handover: The application data is distributed evenly across the available WAN uplinks. The maximum available bandwidth for an application is limited by the available bandwidth of its assigned uplink. If an uplink fails, the affected traffic is distributed to another uplink.

Bonding (WAN aggregation): The optimal solution for the simultaneous use of several WAN uplinks is S.A.N.E bonding (aggregation). With bonding, the user application benefits from the aggregated bandwidth from the available WAN uplinks. S.A.N.E. optimizes the distribution of traffic flows via the various uplinks.

Teltonika hardware platform

The S.A.N.E. client software serves as a hardware-agnostic multi-WAN router operating system and is already available today on Teltonika’s RUTX series.

On the server side, the software is delivered as an Open Virtual Appliance (OVA), which can be installed on a local server as well as in the cloud.

Teltonika RUT241 Black

ASCENDS's Managed Teltonika Bonding Service

ASCEND offers Teltonika Bonding fully managed as a service, with two main devices to choose from. This service includes full management of your multi-WAN bonding devices, giving you the freedom to focus on your core business.

NetByrd Budget

Revolutionize your online experience with the NetByrd Budget. This powerful WAN bonding router offers impressive speeds, guarantees stability and is perfect for live streaming and versatile applications. Simply unpack, connect and go online immediately. Order today and experience the future of seamless connectivity

Discover the benefits of seamless connectivity.

Experience real network reliability. Ready for a connection without compromise?
At ASCEND, we pride ourselves on providing you with solutions that not only meet your current needs, but also overcome future challenges. With Teltonika Bonding, your network is in safe hands.


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