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Monitoring for reliable network monitoring and security

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Quality assurance and excellence since 2010


At ASCEND, we attach great importance to quality assurance and are happy to take on the burden of comprehensive network monitoring.

As a leading provider of fail-safe SD-WAN Internet connections, we have been committed to top performance and customer satisfaction since 2010. Our priority is to keep our promises and offer our customers a reliable service.

Network monitoring for optimal performance and security

Network monitoring is an indispensable tool for ensuring the stability, performance and security of your networks.


Continuous monitoring for early problem detection

Through continuous monitoring and proactive intervention, potential problems can be identified and rectified before they lead to costly breakdowns or performance losses.

Maximum performance, security, and stability for your network

Our network monitoring tool enables us to monitor your network around the clock. We record important network parameters such as bandwidth, latency and packet loss to ensure optimum performance.

WLAN Monitoring

Effective network monitoring tool for comprehensive analysis

By analyzing this data, we can identify bottlenecks and take appropriate measures to improve performance.

Find out more about our individual offers for your company

Arrange your free expert consultation today to find out more about our customized solutions for your company.

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Event monitoring for reliable internet access and successful events

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Live stream monitoring for optimal performance and reliability of your Peplink routers

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Data center

Network monitoring and server
Monitoring for optimum performance
and reliability

Proactive action thanks to modern monitoring systems

In addition, our state-of-the-art monitoring systems alert us in most cases even before a problem occurs.

Early warnings for preventive

This enables us to act proactively and prevent potential disruptions before they have an impact on your business activities.

Prevent costly downtime and performance degradation

At ASCEND, we understand that reliable network monitoring is critical to your business.

Experienced experts and advanced technologies

That's why we rely on advanced technologies and experienced experts to ensure that your network always functions optimally.

Trust ASCEND for Reliable Network Monitoring

Trust ASCEND and our network monitoring to ensure the performance, security and stability of your network.


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