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Since our founding, we have been transforming IT challenges into
elegant solutions – this is the standard we hold ourselves to!

With ASCEND, your IT is inconspicuous because it simply runs.

SD-WAN Lösungen von ASCEND

Do you need a professional service provider for your IT infrastructure?

Then ASCEND is the right place for you. As a reliable partner, we look after your networks, hardware and telecommunication.

We are also happy to support you in creating data protection and security concepts or other security-relevant topics.

We offer you first-class service, state-of-the-art technologies und technical expertise for your individual and flexible IT solutions.

Managed Services



Managed Client

Managed Server

Wireless / Wi-Fi

Office 365


Managed Antivirus

Managed Firewall

Network support



Video Conferencing

IT Support / Infrastructure

Remote Control

Hardware Monitoring

Mobile device Mgmt (BYOD)

Server and PC Cleaning


IT Infrastructure Analysis


Internet Connection


IT security


Update and Patch Management

IT Emergency Planning

Monitoring Criticial Systems


Server Room Planning

Antivirus & Firewall

UPS Solutions

Vulnerability Management


Companies often slow themselves down when proven processes are changed due to a rigid IT structure. ASCEND prefers to take the efficient and sustainable path here.

Based on your products, services or processes, we adapt the IT infrastructure individually for you. In this way IT simplifies your work and you achieve top performance.

Managed Client

With the Managed Client, we control all processes associated with the client system. Access to data or applications, individual licensing and much more is included here. We adapt these services to your needs.

Your employees operate the end devices either at a fixed or a mobile workstation. You always keep track and can work smoothly.

Managed Server

Servers with best access times, fast system upgrades, lag-free email retrievals, and more – enjoy the continuous operation of Ascend’s reliable Managed Server systems.

If you wish, we also procure hardware and accessories. Together with you, we plan the optimal server solution to ensure that your operation runs financially efficient and stable.

Wireless / Wi-Fi

The realization of solid networks was a major reason for the founding of ASCEND. Since then, we have been able to implement the ideal network solution for every customer.

We also have the right solution for you.

Office 365

Before your business can take full advantage of the potential of Office 365, the cloud environment must be migrated and set up. With us you go this way relaxed.

We are happy to support you so that you can concentrate fully on your business success.


As part of a multi-level security concept, we take care of your e-mail security. This includes, among other things, data protection compliant archiving, antispam and antivirus.

We are at your side for the consultation and execution.

Logo Radiological Center, Höchstadt Aisch / Nuremberg

IT infrastructure and Internet optimized for teleradiology

“The ASCEND-LTE solution enabled maximum down and upload speeds. This allowed us to run a smooth PACS RIS Video radiology operation in remote locations teleradiologically.

Without ASCEND, this would not have been possible.”


Dr. med. Wilke
Specialist in Diagnostic Radiology
Radiological Center, Höchstadt Aisch / Nuremberg


At ASCEND, your networks are 100% in competent hands. Our IT professionals ensure that your corporate network works and is always available. Faulty components or failures are immediately noticed and corrected by proactive monitoring.


A local network should be professionally structured and configured. This enables stable communication and fast data exchange. Good planning is essential for this. Contact us early. We are happy to support you right from the start.


Of course, you want a wireless Internet connection that is powerful in all rooms of your company. We advise you on transmission rates, radio frequencies, positioning of access points and other requirements.

With our experience and, if necessary, a Wi-Fi simulation, we will find the best solution for you.

BM-InfoTrend GmbH Logo

Data protection in the call centre

“Thanks to ASCEND, we were able to further develop the IT infrastructure in such a way that it now works reliably and safely. As a call center, we have to meet the exceptionally high data protection requirements of our customers. Mr. Fickeis and his team also support us in this. Even in emergencies, the response times are very short.

Thank you very much for the long-standing – good cooperation.”


Karl Mökesch
Managing Director
BM-InfoTrend GmbH

Remote Control

We safely and quickly maintain your systems remotely. For this purpose, our technicians establish a remote connection to the device to be maintained. In this way, it is often possible to correct faults and errors. The advantages are obvious: corrections and adjustments are implemented in a timely manner, while resources are spared.

Hardware Monitoring

We proactively build and monitor your systems. In this way, we detect wake-up points at an early stage and eliminate faults before the function is impaired.

Redundancy and monitoring make it possible to maintain systems while operational. This makes the system highly available.

Mobile Device Management

Mobility is important so that your company can work flexibly and effectively. If an employee’s device is lost, our mobile device management provides you with the security you need. For example, you can use it to locate the device in accordance with data protection or to delete the data on the device.

This ensures a balance between productivity and safety.


Server and PC Cleaning

PCs and servers need to be professionally cleaned, otherwise contaminants will reduce performance over time. This can lead to overheating and short circuits. We clean your devices properly (including mouse, keyboard, screen and other accessories). We then perform a functional test. In order not to disturb the operation, we also clean outside business hours.


Your employees need access to specific data and applications. You can control the access rights via our user administration and assign them individually (e.g. by department, responsibility, subject area or other criteria). We then transfer these specifications to your IT landscape.

Each user gets exactly the access rights they need.

IT Infrastructure Analysis

We are happy to advise you on your IT processes, IT security or your entire infrastructure. It is particularly important for us to identify at an early stage where performance bottlenecks and sources of error can occur.

This is the most sustainable approach to ensure the smooth operation of your IT.


Use your IT infrastructure efficiently and save costs at the same time – with virtualization you can do just that!

You can also deploy your workstations centrally through preconfigured virtual systems. Individual users can then access their workplace from anywhere.

Internet Connection

Today, data volumes are on the rise in most companies. Let us advise you before your connections reach their limits.

We find a solution to cover your data volume in a stable and economical manner. This is especially true if you connect multiple locations or branches.


You can use either a traditional or a virtual PBX these days. Each of these possibilities has its advantages and features.

As your IT service provider, please consult us to clarify your requirements and find the smartest solution.

Ben’s Balikbayan Box Service

IT saved, security guaranteed

“Following the departure of our system administrator, ASCEND helped us regain control of our IT within a few days. Thanks to the help of ASCEND, we were able to continue working quickly and minimize the damage caused by the previous person responsible. Additionally, ASCEND supports us in data protection and security issues in order to work safely in the future.

A big compliment to the entire ASCEND team!”


Ben Ongon
Managing Director
Ben’s Balikbayan Box Service


For your valuable data, you need a convenient solution for storing and archiving.

As a system house, we have experience in this and develop the right concept together with you. We will also accompany you in the implementation as far as you wish.


Update Management

We always keep your systems up-to-date. Updates and patches are applied regularly. With our regular evaluations, you keep an overview of the state of your IT. This helps you, for example, with an audit of your IT infrastructure.

All operations are centralized and automated so that your operation runs.

IT Emergency Planning

We provide procedures for realistic emergency scenarios and work with you to implement them on site. Your employees will then know exactly what to do in the event of an accident. In an emergency, valuable seconds are saved.

Depending on the requirements, spare parts or even entire systems are stored in order to react quickly as well.

System Monitoring

Acting instead of reacting is an important principle for good IT! In many cases, a failure is announced long beforehand. Monitoring by ASCEND makes early detection of potential issues, such as hardware failures and resource bottlenecks, possible. Your business processes continue unaffected while we fix the problem.



We encrypt your sensitive data in such a way that unauthorized persons cannot see them under any circumstances. Encrypt your USB sticks, mobile phones, tablets or other mobile storage media.

Directories, hard drives, and e-mail can also be protected at your fixed workstation. Your data security is significantly increased and the risk of data theft is reduced.

Server Room Planning

In the best case, we are involved in projects right from the start. We are therefore happy to advise you on the planning of your server rooms. If you wish, we will also take over the task completely. We plan all important details such as room planning, video surveillance, access control, up to the power supply itself.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Antivirus & Firewall

Two essential components of your IT security are: an up-to-date virus scanner and a powerful firewall.

We keep your antivirus software up-to-date at all times and effectively protect your business against unauthorized access, data theft, and viruses. Please contact us!


UPS Systems

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) keeps your systems available even if the main power source fails.

In addition, overvoltages or frequency changes in the power grid can be compensated. Reduces the risk of downtime or data loss.


Security Management

We periodically test your IT and examine your IT landscape against current threats.

We will then help you to close the vulnerabilities. In addition to IT security, we keep an eye on data protection aspects and your operational processes.

Satisfied customers.

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