Highly available Internet connections with Starlink

The future of the Internet is here. With our comprehensive expertise in the design, configuration and commissioning of high-availability Internet connections, we bring the Starlink network directly to you.

Satellites orbiting the digital earth, parabolic antenna in the foreground.

See our Starlink live test


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We tested a bundling of Starlink Internet, Telekom, Vodafone and O2 mobile communications with a Peplink SDX Pro to form a VPN hub in our data center.

The video shows a demonstration by Johannes Fickeis in which he demonstrates the performance and reliability of a network solution. In this live demonstration, Fickeis cuts an Internet access network cable without interrupting the Internet connection.


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How does your Internet access become highly available with Starlink?

Discover the future of the Internet! Are you ready for an uninterrupted, lightning-fast Internet connection? Immerse yourself in the world of modern Internet solutions with our latest blog post. We will show you how the innovative combination of Starlink satellite technology with 4G/5G mobile networks - supported by powerful bonding routers - is revolutionizing Internet usage. Discover how this unique bundling increases Internet availability and stability, even in the most remote corners of the world. Perfect for businesses and home office users who need to rely on a constant and reliable connection. Click here to find out more: Optimize your Starlink connection Dive into the era of high-speed internet with us and see how we're redefining the boundaries of what's possible!

Starlink antennas: Your gateway to fast Internet

Starlink, a SpaceX project, offers high-speed Internet via satellites. The installation of Starlink antennas is an important step towards benefiting from this new technology. Our technicians specialize in ensuring perfect positioning for maximum signal strength and reliability.

Internetstarlink - The revolution in Internet connectivity

Internetstarlink is more than just an Internet service; it is a technological revolution. With low latency and high bandwidth, it's ideal for everything from home office to streaming services.

Satellite dish targets orbiting satellites for global internet connection

Buy Starlink - Invest in the future

Are you ready to be part of the Starlink revolution? We support you in purchasing your own Starlink kit. We offer full advice to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Our Starlink offer

Our Starlink offer includes comprehensive advice, service, installation, configuration and support. We ensure that your transition to Starlink is seamless and efficient.

Our routers - the ideal addition to your Starlink system

To get the best out of your Starlink system, we recommend a selection of routers here. These routers are known for their reliability and offer advanced network management functions that harmonize perfectly with Starlink.

Further information and expert advice

For more information on Starlink solutions, our experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

SpaceX has revolutionized the world of the Internet with Starlink. This groundbreaking technology makes it possible to establish an Internet connection via satellite that is available even in the most remote areas.

By implementing satellites in low earth orbit (LEO), SpaceX has redefined the concept of satellite internet. Unlike traditional satellites that operate in much higher orbits, Starlink minimizes latency and maximizes speed, resulting in a faster and more reliable Internet connection.

With Starlink, SpaceX is setting new standards in the Internet industry. The lightweight and compact design of the Starlink satellite dishes makes them easy to install and maintain. Customers can connect to the satellite Internet in just a few steps, making Internet access easier and more user-friendly.

Starlink is not only revolutionizing Internet access for private households, but also has the potential to change the way companies work. With the ability to provide a high-quality Internet connection anywhere in the world, Starlink opens new doors for companies operating in remote or previously poorly connected regions.

The future of the internet is in the hands of Starlink and SpaceX. The vision of a globally networked planet is becoming reality. In cooperation with Ascend GmbH in Nuremberg, customers can take full advantage of Starlink. Our experts provide comprehensive advice and support for the installation and setup of Starlink satellite internet to ensure our customers have the best possible experience.


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