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WLAN in refugee accommodation

In today's digitally connected world, access to reliable and secure Wi-Fi is essential. ASCEND from Nuremberg, with its expertise in managed WLAN solutions, is ideally positioned to provide high-quality WLAN infrastructure in refugee accommodation.

Modern and professional header image for a website, showing an advanced and secure WLAN network in a refugee shelter. Pictured is a diverse group of people from different backgrounds using various digital devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops, all connected to a robust and secure Wi-Fi network. The environment is clean, organized and features a communal living space with discreetly integrated Wi-Fi routers and access points. The atmosphere conveys a sense of community, connectivity and digital inclusion.
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Introduction to Managed WLAN from ASCEND

Managed WLAN in refugee accommodation is an efficient and sustainable solution for providing a large number of people with high-quality Internet access at the same time. It enables centralized management of the network and ensures a consistently high quality of service.

Why managed WLAN is important in refugee accommodation

In our digitalized world, access to the Internet is a fundamental right. For residents of refugee shelters, it is often the only way to stay in touch with family and friends and keep up to date with global and local events. Managed WLAN in these facilities enables refugees to participate in the digital society and supports their integration into the new environment.

The importance of connectivity

Access to the Internet is a decisive factor for integration and information. By providing managed WLAN in refugee accommodation, we enable residents to access important resources, educational materials and communication options.

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Safety and reliability

Our solutions guarantee a secure and stable Internet connection. With modern technologies and equipment such as those used by ASCEND, a secure and reliable online experience is guaranteed.

ASCEND's approach to WLAN solutions

At ASCEND, we strive to not only provide refugee shelters with access to the Internet, but also to guarantee a secure, reliable and user-friendly experience. With our tailor-made solutions, we help refugees to integrate better and stay in touch with their families. We believe that our managed WLAN solutions can make a significant contribution to improving life in refugee accommodation.

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Individual solutions

We understand that every refugee accommodation has its own requirements. They therefore offer customized solutions that are tailored to the specific needs and environment of the facility.

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Comprehensive services

In addition to providing WLAN, we also offer services such as remote maintenance, software and hardware consulting and installation services. This ensures that the WLAN networks function optimally and that support can be provided quickly if required.

ASCEND: Digital participation for refugees through WLAN solutions

ASCEND from Nuremberg is a strong partner when it comes to providing managed WLAN in refugee accommodation. With its expertise and comprehensive services, ASCEND can provide the residents of these facilities with essential access to the digital world.


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