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Security in public WLAN with VPN

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Introduction to network security

In today's digital world, the security and protection of sensitive data is of paramount importance for companies. We specialize in securing company networks and home offices through the use of VPNs (virtual private networks). This offers crucial protection against cyber attacks and data leaks.

Why VPN in public WLAN?

VPN basics

in VPN is an essential tool for ensuring the security and privacy of company data. It creates an encrypted tunnel between the user and the network, making unauthorized access to sensitive information more difficult.


ASCEND's solutions for VPN

We offer customized security concepts that include high-performance VPN connections as well as modern routers and access points. These are designed to enable high data security and efficient communication between different locations and home offices.


Technologies and products

We use advanced technologies such as SD-WAN and provide various products such as routers, access points, SIM cards and antennas. These are supplied by leading brands such as Peplink, Viprinet, Voleatech and Teltonika to guarantee the highest quality.

Application in practice

During the coronavirus crisis, ASCEND proved its ability to set up VPN connections for home offices quickly and securely. Thanks to its experience in the event sector, where high demands are placed on temporary Internet connections, ASCEND can map a wide variety of scenarios and respond individually to the needs of its customers.

Data protection and compliance

We attach great importance to data protection and compliance. Our solutions guarantee data protection-compliant data transmission and meet all legal requirements.


ASCEND is the ideal partner for companies that want to secure their IT infrastructure through the use of VPNs in public WLANs. They offer comprehensive protection, efficient communication and specialize in the individual needs of each company. With ASCEND you can secure your company efficiently and reliably in the digital age.


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