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SD-WAN - Digital
Boost for companies with a future

Level up your network

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SD-WAN for your business

Increase your Internet speed. An SD-WAN is the ideal IT solution to effectively design large enterprise networks, including cloud applications. It makes your network faster, more reliable and more secure through its centralized, software-driven architecture. In addition, it requires less maintenance and is cheaper.

What does SD-WAN actually mean?

Briefly defined

SD-WAN stands for “Software-defined Wide Area Network”. The architecture of an SD-WAN is created virtually and is decoupled from the underlying hardware.

Different data transmission paths can be combined or, if necessary, changed (eg. mobile radio, xDSL, MPLS, fiber optics or others).

Security specifications, policies and other data traffic requirements can be centrally controlled via the software. This has significant advantages and enables powerful Internet connections in almost every region.

Reliable hardware for SD-WAN

Stay free with ASCEND

We are completely independent in the selection of hardware. Nevertheless, from our collected
Experience highly recommends the following router and equipment manufacturers:

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Peplink produces solid hardware for almost all applications. Very good usability and a top price-performance ratio characterize this manufacturer. The safety standards are also at the highest level.

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Viprinet stands for quality made in Germany. The manufacturer convinces with the highest security standards and high-quality hardware. The German manufacturer support is an additional plus.

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Voleatech GmbH from Reutlingen is one of the leading “Made in Germany” providers of modern network technology and specializes in network engineering for demanding industrial environments and critical infrastructures. The VT AIR Next Gen Firewall products are therefore high-performance routers for demanding industrial environments.

Get comprehensive advice

We will gladly create an optimal setup for your copany and your application. Give us a call or leave us a message via the contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

What SD-WAN Brings to Your Business

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Boost your Internet connections

With an SD-WAN, you combine several paths of data transmission. Therefore, the entire bandwidth is never lost in the event of disruptions. This makes your Internet connection fail-safe. Even if one provider has a failure, it continues without interruption via other lines. Small bandwidths can thus be combined into a powerful connection. A digital boost for your company!

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Boost your digital applications – intelligent resource planning

The software defines which resources are made available with which priority for groups of applications. Important things must come first. Security measures are also adapted according to the trust level of the applications. This makes your applications work faster and better.

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Boost your budget – less IT maintenance

The cost of time-consuming on-site implementation for each location is eliminated because you control settings and security policies centrally. Specifications and protocols are carried out consistently at each site without costly technician deployment.

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Boost motivation & productivity

Your colleagues will no longer want to do without the SD-WAN. The noticeably better user experience at work motivates because productive work is now easier.

Start a SD-WAN Boost in Your Business

How an SD-WAN Works in 4 Steps

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Each session is divided into digital packages. Each packet receives 256bit AES encryption.

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Packets are sent over any WAN link through the SpeedFusion tunnel.

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VPN traffic can switch in less than a second. Session-persistent applications continue to run.

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Packages are decrypted and reassembled into the original session.

The picture shows the managing director Johannes Fickeis of ASCEND in an elegant office setting.

Our SD-WAN offer

  • Planning of WAN or Internet access incl. Bundling
  • Planning, execution and management of site networks
  • Set up and operate a hosted site in your data center
  • Support tailored to your needs
  • Expert hardware and software consultation
  • Rental and sale of SD-WAN hardware and software
  • Coordinated data plans with available providers
  • Advanced IT services such as Wi-Fi and other network infrastructure

100% solutions with ASCEND: We always look at the entire task with you and find the optimal solution for your connectivity! Manufacturers of network technology usually only offer you devices. But this is only a partial solution. We go the necessary extra mile to solve your entire task or problem. This includes the consultation, the implementation, and further support – on request also 24/7.

SD-WAN projects to date

SD-WAN as a service

Intelligent, software-driven SD-WAN enables organizations to optimize wide-area networks and ensure trouble-free connections. Extending existing infrastructure with SD-WAN capabilities has been proven to reduce costs and improve availability as well as performance.

SDW as Service

ASCEND supports H2FLY on the way to emission-free flying

Electric, emission-free flying is an important step on the road to sustainable mobility. Choosing the right platform and a strong partner enables the successful implementation of innovative passenger aviation projects. Therefore, H2Fly relies on the network experts from ASCEND.

Hy4 Maxhd4

MDR: successful jump to greater safety and reliability

Thanks to ASCEND’s solutions, the MDR is able to bundle all available bandwidths and ensure reliable data transmission.

MDR Vitel Ascend

Frequently asked questions about SD-WAN

SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) is a technology that helps companies make their networks more efficient and secure. There are a lot of questions surrounding SD-WAN, such as whether it's secure, whether it's software, or whether it uses VPN. Many are also concerned about whether SD-WAN will replace MPLS or whether it can replace a firewall is also on the minds of many. In our FAQs, we answer these and other questions, as well as explaining why SD-WAN should be implemented in the enterprise and whether it is also worthwhile for smaller companies.

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Yes, an SD-WAN enables better security and even reduces costs. In the future, better cybersecurity will probably even be the main argument for implementing an SD-WAN. Of course, the excellent connectivity also remains an important advantage for the technology. The prerequisite is that the right solutions are used. Let us advise you.

No, a software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) is a virtual WAN architecture. Companies can use it to combine different paths of data transmission and provide users with secure access to applications.

A VPN extension can be implemented via an SD-WAN. However, the possibilities are more extensive and powerful with SD-WAN. For example, global MPLS networks or VPLS networks can also be implimented.

No, MPLS continues to be a proven standard for site networking and there are no plans to phase it out. Rather, SD-WAN complements the possibilities and is therefore to be seen as an extension of an MPLS.

SD-WAN provides comprehensive software-based security tools. Depending on your security requirements, hardware components such as a firewall may actually become superfluous. Let us advise you.

We always analyze your needs individually and make sure to find the best solution for you. Generally speaking, however, we often recommend an SD-WAN as a solution. It simply offers more comprehensive possibilities and is more flexible. In addition, the cost of data traffic is usually lower.

In short, an SD-WAN gives you a smooth flow of data at a lower cost. This is regardless of whether you want to implement cloud solutions, Internet of Things, Big Data or 3D printing.

If you want to keep up with digital transformation – definitely! We are happy to support you in this project to put you at the forefront digitally and use SD-WAN profitably in your company.


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