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Guests Wi-Fi

Guests Wi-Fi

Offer Guest Wi-Fi

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Implement managed Guests Wi-Fi easily

Offering Wi-Fi to guests need not be an expensive proposition. Guest access is easy with our "Plug and Play" hotspot system.

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Log in made easy

Your guest logs into the hotspot via the log in page by accepting the terms of use. If you wish, you can also encrypt the Wi-Fi with a password and thus keep control over who logs in.

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Social Media

Should your customers be able to log in via social media? No problem: Whether Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Sina Weibo or by e-mail. You decide how your guests come online.

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Data usage

Would you like to collect data from your guests? You decide what data to query and how to analyse it. See where, how many devices are online and when it's busiest.

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Just set up Social Login

Simply enter the details of your Facebook profile and our system will do the rest


Time limit and bandwidth limit

You can set the data volume and usage time for each user

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Multilingual login page

Easily create the login page for your guests Wi-Fi in multiple languages

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Login page

You can easily change the text and images on the Guest Wi-Fi login page yourself


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Security and friendliness need not be mutually exclusive. Under no circumstances should you allow your guests onto your own network. Your data is too valuable for that. On the other hand, your customers are too valuable to offer nothing. The solution is to have your own network on your guest Wi-Fi. This allows visitors to go online without accessing your personal or business information.

Internal traffic and guest traffic are different and are identified from the outset. Devices (routers, access points, switches...) are configured in such a way that each of these data streams is treated according to its own rules and is therefore only allowed to go where you want it to go. So when you are on the guest Wi-Fi, you only have access to the Internet and not to internal resources.

If you decide to offer public Wi-Fi, you can also make it work for you. Name the SSID (the name that is broadcast) as you wish. The guest should know who is "donating" the Wi-Fi. You can also present your company at the login and advertise yourself.

This feature requires multiple access points within range of the terminals being tracked. If you want to know where many of your visitors are, which paths they take, then you can do that too. It is even possible to locate individual devices if, for example, children or senior citizens go missing. Please note the relevant legislation. We are happy to advise you on this feature

Operator security through VPN routing


The data traffic of your guests runs via our servers. This means that in the event of misuse, Ascend is the point of contact, not you.

Another advantage of Managed Guests Wi-Fi

Wlan Verbindung mit Smartphone

You can use the public Wi-Fi for more. You name the SSID (the name that is broadcast). You can also present your company at the login and advertise yourself.

Earn money through your hotspot

Hotspot WLAN

You can also decide that only those who pay for it will be able to go online. Generate and sell tickets. You control how long someone can be online, how much traffic they can use and how many devices they can use simultaneously.

Security II

WLAN Sicherheit

If you have devices that are constantly online or need to be online, such as cameras, smart fridges, heating controls... you should also connect them to the Wi-Fi for guests. In the event of a hack, attackers will not automatically have access to your sensitive data.

An excerpt of our references for guests internet

Logo Hotel Muehldorf
Referenz Gaeste Wlan Hotel Brunnthal
Function Basic Advanced
Legal security Yes Yes
Centrally managed Yes Yes
Portal Yes Yes
Login per AGB Yes Yes
Login via social media Yes Yes
Login per Voucher Yes Yes
Time limitation possible Yes Yes
Data limitation possible Yes Yes
Separate internal network Yes Yes
Statistics Yes Yes
Child protection filter Optional, at no extra cost Optional, at no extra cost
Visitor analysis Optional
Collection of e-mail addresses Optional
Comprehensive marketing campaigns Optional


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