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Viprinet Multichannel VPN Hub 5020

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Viprinet Multichannel VPN Hub 5020

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The Viprinet Multichannel VPN Hub 5020 provides a high-performance, secure and stable Internet connection via multiple channels. Ideal for companies that need a reliable, uninterrupted online presence.

The Multichannel VPN Hub serves as a VPN concentrator for the VPN tunnels set up by the Multichannel VPN Routers, which can be used to send data via several bundled broadband connections. These bundles are then terminated in a star structure using a multichannel VPN hub in a data center. There, the data is decrypted and forwarded to its destination.

With a bonding capacity of up to 5 GBit/s, the model is suitable for connecting up to 250 VPN locations, depending on the deployment scenario. With this and a range of integrated additional functions such as the hub redundancy system and extended SNMP monitoring, it is specially designed to meet the requirements of large networks and ISPs. With the help of the optional hub tunnel segmentation, several different customer groups can be terminated on one VPN hub, whereby the data traffic of these customers is handled completely separately.

The redundant hardware architecture with two independent power supply units enables the use of two separate power circuits. The hub therefore offers maximum reliability in the data center.

This Viprinet Hub requires a Viprinet Lifetime Maintenance (VLM) license.
Subscription to have access to Viprinet support and firmware and software updates.


  • Genuine bundling of all line bandwidths
  • Quality of service / traffic shaping
  • Monitoring (graphical, remote syslog)
  • Traffic accounting to external server
  • Multi-client capable web administration system
  • Incl. Hub redundancy system / failover

Scope of delivery

  • 1 Multichannel VPN Hub 5020
  • 2 Mains cable
  • 2 mounting brackets for mounting the router in a 19" rack
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Formfaktor Gehäuse

19" 1 HE

Abmessungen BxHxT

435 x 44 x 410 mm

Gewicht (ca.)

6.4 kg


100–240 VAC, 50–60 Hz


2x IEC IEC socket


0–35° C

Lüfteranzahl / -regelung / -überwachung

2/ Ja / Ja




10 Gbit/s 10GBASE-T


10 Gbit/s 10GBASE-T

Stromaufnahme max.

2 A (230 VAC), 4 A (115 VAC)

Leistung Volllast max.

150 watts

Leistung typisch

100 watts

SNMP einfach / erweitert

Ja / Ja


up to 5 GBit/s

Maximale Anzahl Standorte


Empf. Anzahl Standorte