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ASCEND: Your IT system house expert

Creative team of IT experts at ASCEND in Nuremberg, who develop and discuss IT solutions together on computers.

What is an IT system house?

An IT system house like ASCEND is an indispensable service provider in the information technology sector. It offers a combination of software, hardware and comprehensive IT services to create complete turnkey IT solutions for companies. These system houses play a central role in the procurement, installation and maintenance of IT solutions for their customers.

The role of an IT system house

Diverse tasks and services

A system house is much more than just a supplier of hardware and software. It offers a wide range of services, from emergency assistance in the event of network or server failures to IT managed services. These include the development of IT strategies, optimization and implementation of security mechanisms, maintenance and updates as well as IT consulting. System houses are also responsible for the ongoing support and management of their customers' IT infrastructure.

Specialization and flexibility

Modern IT system houses are guided by standards such as the "Information Technology Infrastructure Library" (ITIL) and attach great importance to efficient communication and cooperation with their customers. The services provided by a system house can vary depending on the customer's needs, from the implementation of a modern and highly secure IT infrastructure to the provision of specific, customized solutions.

Customer orientation and satisfaction

At ASCEND, we attach great importance to quality and customer satisfaction. Thanks to our certified partnerships with leading technology providers and our continuous search for innovation, we always guarantee our customers the best solution for their IT needs.

Why an IT system house?

IT system houses are of crucial importance for companies of all sizes. They not only provide support in overcoming the challenges of digitalization, but also in maintaining and improving IT performance. The expertise and know-how of system houses allow companies to focus on their core competencies while the IT infrastructure is professionally managed.

Costs and benefits

The cost of hiring an IT system house varies depending on the scope and type of services required. It is an investment that pays off in the form of increased efficiency, reduced downtimes and an optimized IT infrastructure. Working in a systems house can also offer lucrative earning opportunities, depending on the position and experience of the employee.


ASCEND represents the ideal combination of technical expertise, customer orientation and diverse services that make up a modern IT system house. With ASCEND as a partner, companies can be sure that their IT requirements will be met professionally and efficiently.


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