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Wlan from ASCEND at the Landpartie Adendorf. People in a restaurant with a castle in the background

Ascend revolutionizes event WLAN at the Landpartie Adendorf

Nuremberg, June 19, 2023 - Ascend GmbH is offering first-class event WiFi for Landpartie Adendorf from this year onwards, setting new standards in terms of connectivity at the event organized by Schloss Gödens Entertainment GmbH. The WLAN is mainly used to process payments for exhibitors and attaches great importance to stability and security.

Johannes Fickeis, Managing Director of Ascend GmbH, emphasizes the importance of these aspects: "When providing the event WLAN for the Landpartie Adendorf, stability and security are the top priorities. To ensure a high level of security, we have implemented various mechanisms, including multiple encryption and the bundling of several mobile and satellite connections in our data center."

The extensive security measures have resulted in an outstanding internet connection for the Landpartie Adendorf and have exceeded expectations. Karsten Gleich, Head of Marketing at Schloss Gödens Entertainment GmbH, is delighted: "I've been looking after the Landpartie for 17 years now and have never had such good internet access. Ascend has done an exceptional job enabling us to process payments for our exhibitors efficiently and smoothly."

On May 18, 2023, the first day of the Landpartie, over 8,000 visitors flocked to the site and enjoyed a relaxed enjoyment and shopping experience. For the first time in the history of the Landpartie, all visitors now have access to free Wi-Fi, enabling seamless online communication and interaction.

Would you also like a reliable event WLAN for your event? Ascend offers customized solutions for events of all sizes. Further information can be found at: https://www.ascend.de/staging/wlan-mieten-event/

About the Landpartie Adendorf:

The Landpartie Adendorf, organized by Schloss Gödens Entertainment GmbH, is an annual event at which a large number of exhibitors from the fields of arts and crafts, design, gastronomy and agriculture present their products and services. It has established itself as a highlight in the event calendar and attracts visitors from the region and beyond.

About Ascend GmbH:

Ascend GmbH is a leading provider of IT solutions and network services. The company provides high-quality event Wi-Fi services for events of all sizes and is constantly working to improve the connectivity experience for customers.