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ASCEND supports H2Fly with a high-speed data link on the way to emission-free flying

Nuremberg, September 2020 - ASCEND supports H2FLY on the way to emission-free flying.

Electric, emission-free flying is an important step on the road to sustainable mobility. Choosing the right platform and a strong partner enables the successful implementation of innovative passenger aviation projects. H2Fly therefore relies on the network experts at ASCEND.

H2Fly sees itself as a link between research and industry. The company has developed the "Hy4" aircraft. The term "Hy4" refers to the technology of a four-seater hydrogen fuel cell passenger aircraft. It is a hybrid with powerful PEM fuel cells for a long range and high-performance lithium batteries to support take-off and altitude changes.

Flying electrically with the Hy4 is quiet, protects the environment and increases range and safety. The safety requirements and reliability must meet very high standards.

ASCEND sends data to the ground via telemetry

Hy4 Maxhd4

The experts at ASCEND are offering their network expertise to support H2Fly in the development and operation of the zero-emission drivetrain.

ASCEND relies on the Peplink Multi-WAN Router MAX HD4 and the Peplink Multi-WAN Router Balance 380 to ensure that the data from the Hy4 is transmitted reliably to the ground station.

The router in the aircraft and the router in the ground station connect to a VPN hub in the ASCEND data center via several LTE connections. This enables the aircraft to reliably transmit telemetry data to the ground during the flight, even with fluctuating bandwidths and via several mobile network providers.

The Peplink MAX HD4 also supports localization via GPS. This allows the position of the aircraft prototype to be displayed on a map in real time.

ASCEND connects

This activity clearly demonstrates the versatility of ASCEND. Whether in airplanes, construction sites, hotels, events of any size or even cities and municipalities; ASCEND's ideal IT solutions bring people together everywhere.


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