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Modern header image for a website, showing a variety of internet connectivity solutions, including a Wi-Fi router, mobile hotspot devices, network cables and antennas, arranged in a technically advanced and reliable environment, suitable for offices, events and outdoor areas.

Presentation of the Hotspot Box

At ASCEND in Nuremberg, we specialize in the provision of advanced Internet solutions. With our "Hotspot Box", we offer flexible Internet solutions that are suitable for a wide range of applications.

Versatile application possibilities

Netbyrd AlwaysOn

NetByrd AlwaysOn: Focus on reliability

In addition to the Wi-Fi Box, we also offer the NetByrd AlwaysOn, which serves as a failover. It ensures a stable connection even in the event of conventional Internet failure and thus protects your business processes
 and the network connection
 your customers at all times.

WLAN amplifier with two antennas.

NetByrd Wi-Fi Box: Mobility and flexibility

Our NetByrd Wi-Fi Box is ideal for mobile networking, whether at events, construction sites or other places where a reliable Internet connection is required. Easy handling and quick set-up enable uninterrupted connectivity whenever it is needed.

Advantages of our Wi-Fi solutions

  • Simple two-click login and seamless Wi-Fi coverage in all guest areas.
  • Safe and flexible use, ideal for hotels, guest houses and public areas.
  • Customizable settings and uncomplicated setup.
Boost for Application and Software use one Illustration

Security and data management

We attach great importance to security and offer solutions that keep your data protected at all times. These include functions such as social media login for customers, data traffic analysis and customizable login pages.

Individual solutions and advice

We determine the individual needs of our customers in initial meetings and provide detailed advice on suitable options. Our aim is to offer customized solutions that are perfectly tailored to your requirements

Our Hotspot Box is an outstanding solution for anyone who needs a flexible, reliable and secure mobile Internet connection. Whether for events, construction sites or other applications - with the Hotspot Box you are optimally networked.


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