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Jitsi Meet for ASCEND (Android)

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Jitsi Meet Tutorial: First start

Step 1: Installation

First install the Jitsi Meet app from one of the following two sources:

Play Store


After successful completion, please start the program. You will see a screen similar to the one in our illustration.

Jitsi Meet Tutorial: ASCEND settings

Step 2: Set up for ASCEND

Now open the settings by tapping on the cogwheel at the bottom right.

First enter your name and then the ASCEND address in the Conference area. This reads:


Jitsi Meet Tutorial: Create a conference

Step 3: Create conference

You can now return to the start page and enter the desired room name.

Now simply tap on the "Create/Join" button and your conference will open.

Tip: The room names used in the past appear below the input field.

Jitsi Meet Android Permissions

Step 4: Allow authorizations

Please grant all authorizations required for the operation of Jitsi Meet.

And finally

Jitsi Meet Tutorial: Start conference

Step 5: Meet up with friends and colleagues

Now all you have to do is tap the "Join Meeting" button to join the room or open the room if you are the first participant.


  1. To share your room with your friends or colleagues, they must follow the same steps as in these instructions or join the room via the browser. To do this, tell the participants your room name and ask them to join the room via this website: https://www.ascend.de/videokonferenzen/
  2. ASCEND video conferences have no time limit
  3. ASCEND video conferences are free of charge
  4. ASCEND video conferences are private (encrypted and no recordings)


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