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Netbyrd AlwaysOn

Sketch of a NetByrd router

Redundant internet connection with
"Netbyrd Failover":
The POS Failover Router from ASCEND

The solution for fail-safe Internet access in your company

EC Terminal

Avoid interruptions in debit card payments and offer your customers the service of a guest WLAN

Netbyrd AlwaysOn

With the ASCEND POS Failover Router, also called Netbyrd AlwaysOn , you can offer a secure and public hotspot.

Build a high-performance and fail-safe network with the Netbyrd AlwaysOn . If your traditional Internet access fails, your POS system will remain active via the ASCEND cellular connection. Thanks to this intelligent solution, for example, only the guest WLAN is temporarily deactivated while your business processes continue to run smoothly. Of course, you have full control over the configuration.

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Security and control with Netbyrd AlwaysOn

Netbyrd illustration diagram of poor internet connection

Imagine you are running your business, be it a store or a bakery, and suddenly there is an internet outage. The connection breaks down, EC card payments are not possible, and your customers are frustrated. Without reliable Internet access, not only are payments affected, but also access to important information and the ability to offer a hotspot.

The ASCEND POS Failover Router solves this problem, ensures business continuity and keeps customers happy.

Diagram of successful Internet connection

Thanks to the ASCEND Netbyrd AlwaysOn, your business remains online despite the outage and you can process EC card payments without interruption. The Netbyrd not only enables secure transactions, but also offers the option of providing your customers with a hotspot.

With ASCEND you have control over your Internet connection and can gain valuable insights into customer behavior at the same time. Rely on ASCEND to ensure the continuity of your business operations and utilize innovative ways to stay connected with your customers.

With the ASCEND POS Failover Router, you can achieve all this and more. Security and control with the ASCEND Netbyrd AlwaysOn!

Illustration of an internet cloud

Netbyrd AlwaysOn provides a reliable failover solution that automatically switches to a cellular connection if traditional Internet access fails. In this way, your business processes remain undisturbed.

The Netbyrd AlwaysOn allows you to offer a secure and public hotspot to provide an additional service to your customers.

You have full control over the configuration of the POS failover router โ€“ the Netbyrd AlwaysOn โ€“ so you can customize it to meet your specific needs.

For added resiliency, the Netbyrd AlwaysOn can be connected to the Starlink satellite internet service.

You will receive automatic notifications by email if your Internet connection fails or is restored.

The ASCEND team will help you set up the system and answer all your questions.

The Netbyrd AlwaysOn can easily be rented on a monthly basis and comes pre-configured, so you can immediately benefit from the redundant internet connection.

The Netbyrd AlwaysOn is specially designed to meet the needs of shops, stores, bakeries and similar businesses.

With reliable internet access, you enable smooth debit card payments and offer your customers a secure and stable hotspot.

The public hotspot allows you to learn more about your customers and collect valuable data that will help you optimize your business.

Your partner for reliable solutions

You can easily rent the ASCEND Netbyrd AlwaysOn on a monthly basis and get the device pre-configured. In this way, you can immediately benefit from the redundant Internet connection and continue your business without interruption.

The ASCEND team is always available to answer any questions you may have about the POS Failover Router and will assist you in setting up the system.

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Sketch of a NetByrd router

Learn more about the ASCEND POS Failover Router

Learn more about ASCEND Netbyrd AlwaysOn and how you can use it to build a reliable and resilient Internet connection in your organization. Contact the ASCEND team today!


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