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New 5G Ready Outdoor Antennas from Peplink - Puma Series

Puma Ver3 Default

Whether indoors or outdoors, stationary or mobile, choosing the right antennas for your router should not be left to chance. The right antenna helps to get the best possible performance and speed for your Internet connection. Peplink sets new standards with the new Puma Series.

- 5G-capable
- IP68-certified and UV-resistant
- B71 support
- 7dBi High Gain

Cellular antennas designed specifically for public safety, mobile healthcare and transportation connectivity:

Installation of the Peplink 5G Ready outdoor antennas

Puma 401

Puma 401
4x Cellular | 1x GP

Puma 221

Puma 221
2x Cellular | 2x Wi-Fi | 1x GPS

Puma 020

Puma 020
2x Wi-Fi

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