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Peplink provides Ericsson with SpeedFusion technology

August 31, 2021 - Peplink partners with Ericsson to deliver SpeedFusion technology for Industry 4.0 networks - enabling greater scalability and seamless switching between different edge technologies to help industrial networks grow and remain productive in any scenario.

Peplink's extensive portfolio of LTE and 5G routers and its SpeedFusion technology are designed to enable resilience and agility in IoT networks. It combines private LTE/5G with commercial LTE/5G and other edge WAN technologies without interrupting live applications or systems. This gives Industry 4.0 deployments superior scalability and reliability, regardless of where a facility is located.

Ericsson Industry 4.0 ecosystem

The Ericsson Industry 4.0 ecosystem is a vehicle for solution providers to offer their technologies as part of the Industry 4.0 ecosystem. This program sets the standard for recognizing a partner's investment in the tools and processes required to provide a high return on investment for industrial customers using cellular connectivity as the foundation for their Industry 4.0 initiatives.

Designed specifically for industrial environments, Ericsson Private 5G is a dedicated cellular network that provides secure and reliable coverage, high device density for scalable operations and predictable latency that ensures Service Level Agreements (SLAs). By using this powerful 4G or 5G connectivity solution, companies gain a complete overview of machines and processes and can use data analysis to gain plant-optimizing insights.

Peplink with SpeedFusion part of Ericsson's technology portfolio

"The industrial adoption of mobile connectivity solutions such as Ericsson Private 5G enables Peplink to offer industrial customers reliable solutions that make digitalization more efficient," said Micael Hermansson, Device Ecosystem Director at Ericsson. "Ericsson welcomes Peplink and their impressive technology portfolio will be critical to the Industry 4.0 ecosystem."

Keith Chau, General Manager of Peplink, said: "Peplink is excited to be part of Ericsson's Industry 4.0 ecosystem. By working with Ericsson, Peplink is poised to help companies solve connectivity challenges and realize the benefits of true Industry 4.0 operations."

Peplink supplies Ericsson with Speedfusion technology