Peplink Pepwave MAX 700 Quad USB Multi-WAN Mobile Router

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Peplink Pepwave MAX 700 Quad USB Multi-WAN Mobile Router

1.999,00  plus VAT

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Robust mobile router

The MAX 700 supports Quad USB modems and SpeedFusion for fast, reliable connectivity.

The multi-WAN router contains an integrated GE switch with 4 ports. This makes your mobile deployment much tidier. The need for additional equipment is also reduced.  

SpeedFusion bandwidth bonding and seamless failover

SpeedFusion bandwidth binding technology binds all connected bandwidths into a single super-fast stream using the same or different mobile carriers.

High modem compatibility

Peplink MAX 700 Quad USB Multi-WAN Router

The MAX 700 supports more than 250 USB cellular modems from more than 100 Internet providers. Most providers can be used immediately after plugging in the router. 

Customizable captive portal

The branding of your captive portal is easy to set up. You upload your logo and your terms and conditions and you're done. You can set the bandwidth allowance and access duration per user and manage access. Social Wi-Fi hotspot support allows you to obtain valuable demographic data from your users.

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