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The revolution of the mobile Internet through 5G - ASCEND GmbH

Presentation of 3G, 4G and 5G technologies.

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Introduction to the world of mobile Internet

Welcome to ASCEND, your expert for future-oriented mobile Internet solutions in Nuremberg. In a world where mobile internet is here to stay, we are at the forefront of the technological revolution. Here we look at the latest trends in mobile Internet and the benefits of mobile Internet for companies and private users.

Trends and developments in the mobile Internet

The future of mobile networks looks promising, and trends in mobile connectivity show a clear shift towards smarter and faster solutions. Mobile Internet is no longer just an option, but a necessity for modern life. Mobile data usage is growing exponentially, driven by the spread of smartphones and 5G.

5G vs 4G: a comprehensive comparison

While 4G technology provides a solid foundation for mobile internet, 5G is a real game changer. The difference between 4G and 5G lies not only in the network speed, but also in the latency, which is dramatically reduced with 5G. This enables new mobile technologies and innovations, particularly in the area of IoT and mobile networks.

Security and standards in 5G networks

An important aspect of 5G is security. With advanced 5G security standards and strict mobile regulation, ASCEND works to ensure the integrity and security of data. The impact of 5G on areas such as healthcare and smart cities is enormous and offers unprecedented opportunities for companies and society.

The future of mobile networks

The future of mobile networks, and the future of 5G in particular, looks promising. With new mobile technologies and innovations made possible by 5G, such as in smartphones and 5G, IoT and mobile networks, countless opportunities are opening up. 5G for businesses, for example, offers improved opportunities compared to 4G, especially in areas such as 5G and smart cities as well as 5G in healthcare.

Broadband, 5G and their social and economic impact

The expansion of mobile broadband and 5G broadband is an important step into the future. The social impact of 5G and the economic impact of 5G cannot be overestimated. They not only enable high-speed Internet, but also reduce latency in 5G networks, which is particularly important for business-critical applications.


ASCEND recognizes the importance of security in these advanced networks and is committed to maintaining strict security standards. This is crucial in order to strengthen user confidence in the new technology and fully exploit its many benefits.

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