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Viprinet Toughlink 2502 Multichannel VPN Router

The picture shows the Ascend Toughlink 2501. The Toughlink is a technical device with many connections and antennas. It has a rectangular housing with rounded corners and is mostly transparent so that you can see the various components inside. The toughlink stands on a white background and the cable connections are clearly visible:

Viprinet Toughlink 2502 Multichannel VPN Router

With Toughlink, Viprinet offers a new router platform that masters even the most extreme requirements. Up to five broadband connections can be bundled into one high-availability connection. The extremely robust housing enables mobile and stationary applications from the Sahara to the North Pole.

Toughlink has a number of standard configurations that are constantly being added to. However, it is also possible to have the routers configured individually for each customer. An optional additional housing cover makes the device waterproof. Toughlink is more than just a router: in addition to the actual router firmware, in future it will also be possible to run your own applications as virtual machines on certain editions.

The picture shows the Ascend ToughLink 2502, an industrial VPN router with integrated modem. The router is housed in a robust, black casing and placed on a white background. The device has several connections for Ethernet cables and SIM cards and can therefore provide a reliable Internet connection. The ToughLink 2502 is particularly useful for use in harsh environments, e.g. in manufacturing, mining or outdoor applications. The router offers high availability and can also be used as a VPN gateway to establish a secure connection between different locations. The ToughLink 2502 is easy to configure and offers extensive functions for managing network connections and VPNs

The Toughlink 2502 model is equipped with four LTE modems that are optimally aligned to the frequency bands of the Asia and Pacific regions. With the GPS function, the current location of the router can be read out in the administration tool at any time, which is essential for efficient fleet or vehicle fleet management.

Toughlink is characterized by its simple handling. The SIM cards can be changed very easily during operation, and the SIM card holders are designed as dual SIM so that two SIM cards can be provided per interface, between which the modem switches. This simplifies cross-border use of the device, as it can be equipped with SIM cards from different mobile network operators before the start of the journey to ensure fail-safe connectivity even across national borders. The device is therefore particularly suitable for use on the move and for all scenarios in which Internet must be available quickly, e.g. events or construction site connections.

The bundled bandwidth is provided to the LAN via a Gigabit Ethernet interface. At the same time, the two integrated WLAN access points with 2.4 or 5 GHz also provide the available bandwidth wirelessly. Toughlink can be supplied with power via PoE+ via the LAN interface. If the device is installed outside a building or vehicle, it only requires a single (Ethernet) cable to supply the interior.

All antenna connections are equipped with FAKRA plugs. These plugs allow simple "plug & play", but are also self-closing and strain-relieved. Antennas can be installed or removed in seconds. The plugs also enable optimum permanent installation.

  • Genuine bundling of all line bandwidths
  • Quality of service / traffic shaping
  • Monitoring (graphical, remote syslog)
  • Traffic accounting to external server
Title Toughlink 2502
Form factor housing 2-DIN
Power supply 12 VDC, 5A max.; PoE+-capable
LAN interface Gbit Ethernet
WAN interface 1x GBit Ethernet and 4x 4.5G LTE-A Asia/Pacific each permanently integrated
WAN module slots -
Bonding capacity 150 MBit/s


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