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InControl app from Peplink available for iOS & Android

InControl2 is a cloud-based endpoint management system and therefore the ultimate Peplink tool to manage and monitor any Peplink router.

This advanced technology allows you to gain insight into the connected devices. You can use remote configuration and control options as well as view comprehensive reports.

Complete network management via one interface

You can transfer configurations to all endpoints from a single screen. If you need to dig deeper into your network, you can access the web administrator of any device in your network via InControl 2.

Via desktop or app

From now on, not only iOS but also Android users will be able to manage their Peplink routers on the go with the InControl app. Check the connection status of any device, the clients that are connected to it. You receive push notifications for important network events and can customize your notifications by group and network event type.

The InControl app therefore serves as a mobile companion for the InControl2 remote management software and takes over many of the functions of the desktop version on your smartphone.

The InControl app also includes a favorites management function that allows you to easily save and call up your most frequently accessed groups and all activities that affect the group.

Always ready for use, even on the move

With the new InControl app for Android, it is possible to control InControl2 from your smartphone while on the move and thus keep an eye on your network at all times.
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App Store

Google Play

Version Android 5.0 or higher is required to use the app for Android.

Functions of the InControl app at a glance:

  • Alerts: Receive alerts from your network in real time. The notifications can be configured individually.
  • Organization : By logging in with just one account via single sign-on, you can keep an eye on and monitor all networks at the same time without having to log in separately for each network.
  • Clarity: The clear navigation bar makes it easy to switch between different organizations and networks.
  • Mobility: Monitor the status and functionality of your network from anywhere.
  • Control: Easily accessible event logs allow you to make the right decisions with the app.