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Viprinet Multichannel VPN Router 2620

The picture shows the Ascend Viprinet Multichannel VPN Router 2610. The router is a technical device with many connections and antennas. It has a rectangular housing with rounded corners and is mostly transparent so that you can see the various components inside. The router stands on a white background and the cable connections are clearly visible. Compared to other Ascend Viprinet routers, the 2610 router is larger and more powerful

Multichannel VPN Router 2620

This router in 19'' format makes it possible to bundle up to six Internet accesses from different providers into a single virtual leased line. The maximum bonding capacity is 400 MBit/s. By adding or removing the individual hotplug modules, the network design can be quickly and individually adapted to changing requirements. It therefore offers long-term investment security, especially for medium-sized and large companies.

The picture shows the Ascend Multichannel VPN Router 2620, a powerful router for bundling Internet connections and setting up VPN connections. The router is housed in a black casing and placed on a white background. The device has several connections for Ethernet cables and SIM cards and can therefore use several Internet connections simultaneously. The Multichannel VPN Router 2620 is particularly useful for use in companies or organizations with multiple locations that require a secure and reliable connection. The router offers high availability and can also be used as a VPN gateway to establish a secure connection between different locations. The router is easy to configure and offers extensive functions for managing network connections and VPNs

The router is particularly robust and durable. It can also be mounted in 19'' racks using the mounting brackets included in the scope of delivery.

To set up medium-sized and large company networks, we recommend combining it with the Multichannel VPN Hub Multichannel VPN Hub 5010.

  • Real bundling of all line bandwidths with / without TCP optimization
  • Quality of service / traffic shaping (per WAN module / VPN tunnel)
  • NAT and port forwarding
  • Monitoring (graphical, remote syslog)
  • Rule-based routing
  • Traffic accounting to external server
  • Multi-client capable web administration system
  • Includes the Enterprise Node Features license
Title Multichannel VPN Router 2620
Form factor housing 19″ 1.5 U
Power supply 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
LAN interface Gbit Ethernet
WAN module slots 6
Bonding capacity 400 MBit/s

This Viprinet Router requires Viprinet Lifetime Maintenance (VLM) Subscription to have access to Viprinet support and to firmware and software updates.


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