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Starlink with Peplink

With Peplink you can combine Starlink with 5G and other connections. This makes Starlink an even better solution when connectivity is lost. Applications such as Zoom, Teams and other rights remain stable and smooth. With Peplink you can ensure that your connection remains absolutely stable.

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What are the challenges of Starlink connectivity?

  • Starlink connections may occasionally be interrupted.
  • Rise of the quality of Starlink's LEO satellites.
  • Cancellations may occur in bad weather.

Demanding location requirements:

  • Tall objects near the satellite dish can significantly impair the efficiency of your connection and have a negative impact on your signal quality.

Unzerbrecht Connectivity

Focus: Failover from Starlink to SIM
With Hot Failover, users can fall back to a standard cellular connection if Starlink is interrupted.
Starlink is not always lost, especially when installed on mobile. Hot failover helps to ensure session persistence without downtime.

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Optimize your Network

Focus: Traffic management

Take full control of how global traffic is transmitted across Starlink and your other WANs.

If Starlink performance is not as instructed, prioritize traffic over other WANs so that running applications are not heard.
Allocate peak time traffic with its bandwidth and priority (e.g. data downloads) via Starlink to take full advantage of your data plan.

Binding with Starlink

Focus: Form multiple Starlink connections

Combine more Starlink connections to create an indestructible high-speed network.
Useful for providing high-speed connections where nothing else works (e.g. B. Cruises.

Focus: Connecting Starlink with LTE / Ethernet solutions
Combine the bandwidth of Starlink connections with LTE to increase connectivity in your own area relationships.
Useful for providing connectivity around the clock, suitable for areas where connectivity is unreliable war (e.g. mobile/maritime operations).

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