Streaming for TV service providers with SD-WAN solutions from ASCEND

Live reporting is undergoing radical change due to new technologies. By using multi-WAN bonding routers, it is possible to bundle several networks (DSL, fiber optic, 4G or 5G) so that broadcasters and media production companies of all sizes can transmit live video in the highest quality.

SD-WAN with multi-WAN routers for live streaming

SD-WAN bonding has virtualized and optimized networks. The logical bundling of several lines not only increases reliability, but also the speed of data transmission and thus all the functions and services of the Internet. Nowadays, it is particularly important to guarantee these high standards for live video applications.

The LiveU system is often used in the media industry. To do this, it is necessary to make servers accessible via various Internet connections with a static IP address, including mobile ones. This means that the video encoders transmit directly to the server, which is installed in the OB van, for example. The stream can be received and processed directly there.

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Satisfied customers confirm our performance

"ASCEND has a great deal of expertise in relation to Peplink multi-wan routers and gave us very good advice. As a television technology service provider, we use ASCEND's solutions in our transmission trolleys for media streaming and audio over IP (AoIP), among other things, and are very satisfied with them"

Marcus Mathy - Project Manager Media Mobil GmbH (A company of MDR Media GmbH)

A company of MDR Media GmbH
Image by Media Mobil GmbH (A company of MDR Media GmbH)

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