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Two NetByrd routers from Ascend

NetByrd family grows - January 2024

The NetByrd family is growing - New solutions for retail and live streaming

Since 01.01.2024, the NetByrd family from Ascend has had some exciting new additions. The NetByrd routers, known for their reliable and redundant Internet connection, are now available in two specialized versions: the "NetByrd AlwaysOn" for retail and the "NetByrd Budget" for cost-effective and secure live streaming.

NetByrd AlwaysOn: The reliable partner in retail

The "NetByrd AlwaysOn" is specially tailored to the needs of the retail trade. In an industry where a constant online connection is essential - be it for transaction processing, inventory management or customer service - this router offers a robust solution. Thanks to its redundant Internet connection, the NetByrd AlwaysOn guarantees that business can continue even if the main Internet connection fails. This not only ensures the continuity of business operations, but also strengthens customer confidence in the reliability of the retail trade.

NetByrd Budget: Perfect for low-cost live streaming

On the other hand, there is the "NetByrd Budget", which has established itself as the ideal solution for the transmission of live streams. In a world where digital content and live broadcasts are becoming increasingly important, the NetByrd Budget offers a cost-effective yet secure way to deliver high-quality streams. Be it for online events, webinars or other streaming requirements, the NetByrd Budget ensures that your content is delivered stably and in high quality without breaking the bank.


The expansion of the NetByrd family shows how Ascend is responding to the specific needs of different industries. With the NetByrd AlwaysOn and NetByrd Budget, Ascend has created two customized solutions that not only ensure a stable Internet connection in their respective areas, but also increase the efficiency and security of users. It will be exciting to see how the NetByrd family will continue to develop and what other specialized solutions will come onto the market in the future.