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PrimeCare: Everything you need for SpeedFusion networks!

PrimeCare is your comprehensive plan for seamless SpeedFusion networks. Includes InControl, warranty, SpeedFusion license upgrades and FusionHub license upgrades. From cloud management to technical support - all in one simple plan.

Services at a glance:


  • InControl Cloud Management
  • Warranty: Standard RMA
  • Firmware upgrade
  • Technical maintenance: Support ticket (8 × 5)
  • FusionHub colleagues | SpeedFusion bonding | PrimeCare functions: Occasional PrimeCare devices
  • SpeedFusion Connect and InTouch
  • Available for: PrimeCare models with SKUs ending in -PRM
  • Service number: PRM-


  • InControl Cloud Management
  • Warranty: Advance RMA for hardware replacement
  • Technical maintenance: Support ticket (24 × 7)
  • FusionHub colleagues | SpeedFusion bonding | PrimeCare functions: Occasional PrimeCare devices
  • SpeedFusion Connect and InTouch
  • Available for: PrimeCare models with part numbers ending in -PRM
  • Service number: PCP-
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Hardware coverage

PrimeCare protects your device against manufacturing faults and gives you peace of mind when you need it most. Do you need an advanced hardware replacement? Choose PrimeCare+ and we will send you a replacement device before you send us your defective device to minimize connection downtime.

InControl 2

Activate Incontrol, Peplink's own SD-WAN management cloud, with a PrimeCare subscription. Use it to create complex network topologies and transfer them to devices in just a few minutes. Check the status of your network and make configuration changes remotely if necessary. Other functions include zero-touch configurations and firmware updates in large quantities. Standardize VLAN, SSID, firewall and egress policies. Apply schedules to SSID, WLAN radios and SD-Switch PoE ports for access control and energy efficiency.

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Software support

Standard PrimeCare offers 8×5 support and gives you direct access to our support team. Do you prefer round-the-clock support? Choose PrimeCare+

SpeedFusion Connect

The service that provides connectivity stability by seamlessly compensating for outages with mobile communications. No more outages and unstable connections with SpeedFusion Connect.

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SpeedFusion licenses

PrimeCare enables complete SpeedFusion functions (bonding, smoothing, hot failover) and thus opens up application possibilities for corresponding PrimeCare devices.
Peplink's SpeedFusion technology combines cost-effective connections into an ultra-fast and secure data pipe for businesses. Bandwidth bonding, smoothing and bandwidth steering ensure flexible adjustments and high consistency in the network. SpeedFusion offers solutions for data centers, branch offices, home offices, mobile Internet, retail and live HD video streaming. Get the whitepaper and learn how SpeedFusion optimizes your network requirements!

FusionHub license

PrimeCare is designed for scaling and does not count towards the FusionHub peer limits. Use as many PrimeCare devices as possible with FusionHub, without additional license costs.

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In contact

Manage your devices remotely with Peplink's touchless remote network management solution. This eliminates the need for traditional expensive OOBM or VPN licenses and infrastructure overheads.

PrimeCare Terms and Conditions

  • PrimeCare includes IC2, standard RMA warranty, FusionHub license и SpeedFusion connection. These functions are for
  • PrimeCare devices not available as a separate purchase. PrimeCare is included in the first year, with the option to continue thereafter via a paid subscription.
  • If PrimeCare is not subscribed, the PrimeCare device will continue to function with the exception of InControl access, FusionHub functionality, standard RMA и PrimeCare software licenses.

Device compatibility PrimeCare is a subscription service available for selected devices. These devices have specific models with SKU numbers ending with -PRM to indicate compatibility with PrimeCare. Interchangeability between PrimeCare and non-PrimeCare devices/services PrimeCare devices and services are not interchangeable with devices and services from other providers. This means that PrimeCare devices cannot subscribe to normal InControl 2 subscriptions, extended warranties or FusionHub licenses. Similarly, non-PrimeCare devices cannot subscribe to PrimeCare. First year of PrimeCare included The first year of PrimeCare is included with the purchase of a PrimeCare device. PrimeCare includes IC2, warranty, FusionHub license and SpeedFusion bonding. At the end of the first year, simply renew PrimeCare to stay subscribed and continue to have access to these services. After expiration To give you more security, Peplink grants a 14-day grace period for PrimeCare purchases after the subscription expiration date. During the grace period, customers are entitled to purchase PrimeCare for the expired device. The PrimeCare subscription starts the day after the original warranty expiration date. Between day 15 and up to 2 years after the expiration date, re-enrollment in PrimeCare requires submission of a diagnostic report for review. In the event of a pass, the customer is entitled to purchase PrimeCare again. The PrimeCare subscription date begins on the date of purchase. If the diagnostic report is not available or fails, the customer is only entitled to purchase a repair service outside the warranty. Devices without a subscription If a PrimeCare device is not subscribed to PrimeCare, it retains the network functionality and remains configurable via the web user interface on the device. InControl access, FusionHub licenses and PrimeCare software functions for corresponding devices such as SpeedFusion Bonding will be deactivated. All other functions remain unaffected. If a PrimeCare device is on a FusionHub when the subscription expires, it can still connect to the FusionHub via SpeedFusion VPN, but not via SpeedFusion. In addition, the PrimeCare device that is no longer subscribed to will count towards the FusionHub peer limit. If the FusionHub had already reached its device limit before the subscription for the PrimeCare device expired, the PrimeCare device with an expired subscription will be disconnected from the FusionHub.

SpeedFusion and feature-enabled licenses: The terms and conditions for SpeedFusion and PrimeCare software licenses are governed by the Peplink End User License Agreement (EULA) page . Further information can be found here. In addition to the conditions stated in the EULA, PrimeCare-based licenses only work as long as the device is subscribed to PrimeCare. If the PrimeCare subscription for a device ends, the associated SpeedFusion and feature-activated licenses for the corresponding devices will no longer work. InControl subscription: PrimeCare includes a subscription to InControl. For PrimeCare, the terms and conditions for accessing InControl are identical to the terms and conditions for the standalone InControl subscription . Further information can be found here. Warranty Service: PrimeCare offers a standard extended hardware warranty as described on the Warranty, Support and Return Policy page. Detailed information can be found in this document. This warranty service includes the standard RMA service as described in the "Standard RMA" section on the "Warranty, Support and Return Policy" page. PrimeCare does not include an advance hardware replacement service. FusionHub license: Devices under PrimeCare can connect to any FusionHub without being counted against the peer limit. Please note that although the peer restriction has been lifted, the throughput restriction of each FusionHub remains unchanged. For example, FusionHub Essential supports a throughput of 100 Mbps, regardless of how many peer devices you connect to it. Please keep this in mind when designing FusionHub deployments with PrimeCare devices.


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